Angel Squad MOD APK (Menu/Defense multipliers) 1.0.0

Updated 24/01/2022 (2 years ago)
NameAngel Squad APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Defense multipliers
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Angel Squad

Angel Squad is ready to go out, defeat the alien invasion in Angel Squad. This 3D tactical shooter is a great work when it comes to expressing how dramatic the details in the plot are. The gameplay revolves around girls who are beautiful and possess amazing powers. If you are an avid fan of Japanese anime, you definitely cannot ignore this game. The combination of tactics, fashion, construction design… All are not constrained to any mold. All the elements in the game stand out because they are already too attractive.

Become the angel task force commander, and your mission is to train the most dynamic and powerful warrior girls. Go through many battles to collect resources. Upgrade female warriors to give them a change in appearance. At the same time, the combat ability skyrocketed to a remarkable level. The combat system of the game is a third-person shooter. What’s more, players can swap characters on the battlefield. Fighting without getting bored is the key to making Angel Squad enjoyable.

Angel Squad mod

Download Angel Squad mod – Train beautiful and powerful combat squads

The episode in Angel Squad takes place in the context of the world entering a new century. During this period, technology is increasingly developing and producing impressive scientific products. Suddenly, a species called the Far Star landed on Earth. They declare that this will be their territory to clean up all living things on this planet. Unable to let that happen, humans stood up to fight and left behind many of the fiercest battlefields. Since then, humans have wanted to carry out a project to confront the evil Far Stars. That project is called Angel and what players will have to go through in Angel Squad.

Project Angel is a major landmark project of mankind. To fight the power of the Far Stars and keep the Earth at peace. The project is implanting biological genomes with great power in humans. Inject their bodies with the most modern super-soldier serums. Thankfully the test was entirely successful. The Earth gives birth to warriors whose strength surpasses that of humans. All the experiment participants in the world are beautiful young girls. After the experiment was successful, they were named Angels to protect the world from domination.

Angel Squad mod apk

Familiar anime style

If you have watched Japanese anime, you will no longer feel unfamiliar with the shape of Angels. Warrior girls with attractive bodies. But hiding behind that innocent appearance is a strength that no human can match. Japanese voice actors directly voice them. Enough to show you the maximum investment coming from the developer of Angel Squad. Not only can you watch the warriors fight, but you are also free to control the character. Interact with them by many exciting upgrades. Each interaction will correspond to a different dialogue. You will gradually discover all the Angels in the game.

Angel Squad mod apk free

Beautiful Angel Upgrade

The Angel upgrade didn’t just increase the outer beauty of the warriors. It is also a big step for girls to increase their strength to the maximum extent. Each person will take on a different role when fighting. TAC-50 is a sniper with highly high skill. M1A64 uses a rifle to confront the enemy directly. CZ75 uses pistols for flexibility when moving. Or FIVESEVEN with the strongest support mascots. There are also many Angels with different responsibilities. Not only using skills, but they also have unique skills. Another exciting thing that players can’t help but be interested in is the diverse costume system of the Angels.

Angel Squad mod free

Construction of a common house

The dormitory was where the Angel warriors used to rest when not fighting. What do you know? You will also be the one to decorate them to make the place come alive. Use gold and diamonds to expand the rooms. Buy different furniture fully from the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom… Angel improves the quality of life, but the dormitory is also much more beautiful than before. Also, in your free time, enhance your interactions with the Angels. Can chat with them and learn about people’s backgrounds. Even dating Angels helps increase intimacy and is extremely interesting.

Angel Squad free

So Angel Squad is not a dry and tactical pure fighting game. Sometimes there is other content for gamers to unleash their creativity and enjoy in their way, with the complete update without long waiting from the developer. The strength and beauty of female warriors are increasing day by day. It is not difficult to understand that the Angel Squad mod is enjoyed and played by Japanese anime fans all the time.

How to Download & Install Angel Squad MOD APK (Menu/Defense multipliers) for Android


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