Pocket ZONE MOD APK (Menu/Free shopping) 1.130

Updated 14/06/2024 (1 week ago)
NamePocket ZONE APK
PublisherGarden of Dreams Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/Free shopping
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Pocket ZONE

Start living in a radioactive world and rebuild civilization in Pocket ZONE MOD APK (Menu/Free shopping). A nuclear disaster occurred, leaving the whole world wholly covered in radiation. The catastrophe that occurred without a trace wiped out almost all of the life in the world. But you are lucky to survive but still very dangerous because of being surrounded by radioactive substances. Although your life is temporarily safe, it is just a matter of prolonging the time before you die. So you must learn to live with radiation and rebuild the world’s civilization. Explore the wasteland after a radioactive disaster and face your choices.

The earth seemed destroyed by radioactive material after a nuclear disaster. Every area can no longer see any signs of life when everywhere is deserted. But the tragedy did not destroy them all; there were still survivors. You are one of them and must choose between finding a way to survive in a polluted place. The journey begins when you see the surviving artefacts and want to discover them all. The journey into the radioactive areas has only just started, and there are still many artefacts to discover. Go into radioactive places and find the cause of the human nuclear disaster.

Pocket ZONE android

Download Pocket ZONE APK mod – Explore the dead lands after the disaster

Nuclear power has always been something that the people of this world must venture to explore. Any mistake can turn a place full of life, like the earth, into a dead land. And this has happened to humanity, and few people can resist. Each piece of land brought with it barrenness appeared in the bewildered eyes of the survivors. This place could not become a safe place because of the surrounding radiation. But this is also an opportunity for a survivor like you to explore the disaster area. Search for artefacts left after the nuclear disaster and build a new human civilization.

Pocket ZONE apk

Radioactive area

You will enter a world surrounded by radioactive material and must adapt to a new life. Everything was contaminated, and not everyone survived the nuclear meltdown. You can survive radiation, but you can’t just survive alone. The journey to explore the areas to take to find the remaining artefacts. Maybe you’ll find the cause of the radioactive leak and start planning. However, in this radioactive world, there are many survivors like you. Explore the radioactive area and choose to rebuild human civilization from the ruins.

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Remaining artefacts

The appearance of radioactive material brings destruction to humanity no less than disasters. The area that was once teeming with life was utterly contaminated with radiation and was left in ruins. But you defy the radioactive site and enter the supposedly contaminated areas. Your goal is to find the remains of human civilization that have not been destroyed. It would be best if you collected them to find a way to survive and find a way to rebuild human society. The evidence contained in the artefact will give you helpful information about the radioactive explosion. Collect the relics of the radioactive disaster and find a way to restore human civilization.

Pocket ZONE mod apk

Exchange of life

Others will always accompany your journey in radioactive areas. They can also survive the accident and find a way to uncover the mysteries of radiation. So you can interact with other people if you meet them and make exchanges. The items you see can benefit them and deal with what you want. Sometimes you can also make trades to preserve your life. However, you must be careful because they can get greedy and steal your artefacts. Explore a world after the radioactive leak and find ways to trade items for life.

Pocket ZONE mod

The whole world was destroyed by radioactive substances leaking from the factory. You can save your life but still have to deal with radioactive substances. Contaminated areas are not recommended, but you must enter life. You must look for any signs left after the disaster and collect them to trade. The people you meet while exploring the radioactive site will help you find what you need. They may also be the ones who want to steal the artefacts you see when you examine them. Download Pocket ZONE APK 1.130 to enter the radioactive world and find hope for a new civilization.

How to Download & Install Pocket ZONE MOD APK (Menu/Free shopping) for Android


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