Manuganu MOD APK (God mode) 1.1.4

Updated on 01/02/2023 (4 months ago)
NameManuganu APK
PublisherAlper Sarıkaya
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Manuganu is a scene action game with charismatic character movements. The player becomes the boy Manuganu with outstanding abilities, fighting to bring back his friend Daadi. The game has a prehistoric setting where the main character, a boy, wears a gargoyle bone. This is a new feature of this game compared to other previous scene games. Deep canyons and unspoiled terrains will always appear on the journey. Players will help the agile boy Manuganu overcome challenges skillfully and safely. The coins are great rewards for the best players. A long journey is still waiting for players to explore.

This is a platform game with gameplay that has been refined and made extremely simple. Manuganu’s character has part of the mechanics of non-stop games like Temple Run. The boy Manuganu seems to be blessed with a transcendent physical foundation, running tirelessly. It is for that reason that the player does not need to control the character’s running when playing the game. Instead, gamers need to put more emphasis on jumping and dodging obstacles. Besides, to unlock the next level areas, the required amount of stars is required. And collecting enough medals and bluestones at each level will help you get stars. Please coordinate the actions of the character smoothly.

Manuganu mod

Download Manuganu mod – Help the boy bring his friend back

Scenery games with many levels are always on the list of players worth playing. In past games, players need to control the actions of the character flexibly. Until now, it was usually the movement button on the left and the jump and attack buttons on the right. However, with Manuganu, things have become much simpler when the character is auto-run. Gamers must click the jump button at the right time to help the boy dodge. The game maker also offers a large, attractive amount of screens in different environments. Each environment will have enemies and outstanding terrain characteristics of those environments. At the end of each area will be a challenging boss.

Manuganu apk

Rescue a close friend

Manuganu brings a brief but touching story, creating a great source of motivation for players. Manuganu has a close friend named Daadi; Daadi is an adorable armless, and legless creature. With such a strong bond, they could spend the day having fun together. It seemed that Manuganu and his cute friend could enjoy peaceful days but couldn’t. One sad day, Daadi was walking around the green forest when he was kidnapped by the fire monster Goyakoka. The cruel Goyakoka monster trapped Daadi in a high corner of the Popama volcano. The boy Manuganu was unfortunate, but putting that aside, he was determined to start the journey. Although he knew it was a difficult journey, with many compassions along the way, Manuganu persevered. The boy promised his heart to bring back Daadi whole; Daadi was scared but trusted Manuganu. The game’s story begins like that, helping Manuganu overcome all obstacles.

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A large number of levels

In a great scene game like Manuganu, the large number of levels is evident. The game has four environmental terrains for players to enjoy exploring. In each terrain, there are a variety of levels with different challenges. The first is the Canyon area, an area of ​​canyons lurking full of dangers. Rugged gorges of varying heights appeared continuously in front of the boy Manuganu. Along with thorny cactus just waiting for players to stumble. The second is Cliff, filled with high cliffs, ready to take Manuganu’s life. However, our boy can take advantage of the winds to fly up and dodge. Next is the Jungle area, the forest with trees and deep water. The last is the area closest to where Daadi is being held captive, the Volcano area. Help the boy jump through the flames; the lava balls keep rolling.

Manuganu mod apk

Fierce bosses

At the end of each area, there will be a scary boss hunting the player. As mentioned, there are four play areas, so that corresponds to four separate bosses. At the end of the canyon area, a red dragon head will chase to the end. The next boss in the cliff area was a black dragon with jagged teeth. This black dragon continuously released orange heat to take the life of the boy Manuganu. In the jungle area, an electric fish in the riverbed will be your prominent opponent. And in the last area, the volcano area, the fire dragon Goyakoka will confront the boy. Be careful with the lava balls from him.

Manuganu android

A challenging adventure game with a prehistoric setting. Players will try to help the boy Manuganu repel all obstacles and challenges. Download Manuganu mod to accompany the resilient boy, defeat all the monster dragons, and bring back his friend Daadi.

Download Manuganu MOD APK (God mode) for Android

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