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Another great online multiplayer role-playing product. For gamers who are wondering what world they will have to join. I present to you A3: STILL ALIVE. A new role-playing product updated with a lot of exciting new details. Become a beginner and a series of special gifts will be dedicated to you. Dive into the world of ancient magic and powerful warriors. Fight against the forces of darkness and form the world’s most powerful expedition teams.

Combining MMORPG and popular Battle Royale, A3: STILL ALIVE is a breath of fresh air that brings many interesting ways to play for gamers in the first half of 2020. Used to mix two hot factors in the game market. The game is a role-playing and fighting action. The game promises to be a craze for the world. As well as gamers can experience a game where they can play the role of warriors. And still, show your strength to everyone.


Download A3: STILL ALIVE – Battle Royale with the mythical world

You will still choose your main character at the start of the game. From class to gender and character appearance will be completely different. Then start entering the game’s world and begin the beginner quests normally. Completing tasks will help you level up and unlock many new features such as equipment, pets, skills… You can learn and earn them voluntarily later. Most of the daily activities in the world of A3: STILL ALIVE will be boss hunting, PvP combat, event participation, and many other exciting activities.

The way to control the characters is also not too strange for many gamers who have played a lot of role-playing games. The character control panel and skill buttons are provided to the fullest extent. In fighting and fighting bosses or monsters, you may not need to control them but can use auto hang. However, when PvP, you should control yourself because it is more thinking and strategic. Other actions by nature may dictate your actions.

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New characters and additions

The character selection system at the beginning of the game is what determines your strength and gameplay. Part of it is also in the way of character selection. From swordsmen wielding holy swords, gladiators with axes and shields, mages, archers, and a new update, summoners. With many different abilities and powers. Influence a lot on the gameplay and the dark power you have. Moreover, it also makes the game world more diverse and colorful. These characters also possess many different upgrades and equipment. Shop fully to increase their power to the maximum.

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Attractive variety mode

There are many different modes in A3: STILL ALIVE. Of course, it is a role-playing game that must own a lot of attractive modes. So that players can experience the most fun and best. From the familiar boss and PvP modes, there is no need to mention too much. For this game, we also have 2 other special modes. The first is PK with the number of participants can be up to 100 people. Your opponent will be anyone, including friends or guild members. Next is the famous Battle Royale mode. With a size of 30 people, all will encounter and fight with each other until only one person remains alive and wins.

A3 STILL ALIVE mod apk free

Join the fun community

As an online game, playing alone will be very boring, right? Playing with friends is even more fun. Join any guild and make new friends. You can chat and fight with them whenever everyone becomes free. Join the most exclusive guild quests and events together. Win fun victories and accompany everyone for a long time. Maybe you can meet them in real life on some occasions.

A3 STILL ALIVE mod mod

That’s what this unique game A3: STILL ALIVE is all about. If there is anything that makes you feel confused. Join the game discussion forums. As for Gameplay, this game possesses a beautiful 3D graphics design. Character movements are also very real and realistic. For classes, there will be different looks and moves. Events and features are always updated in the fastest and most thoughtful way. A unique role-playing game like A3: STILL ALIVE is worth enjoying and experiencing.

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