Tower of Hero MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Diamond) 2.1.2

Updated 13/01/2024 (3 months ago)
NameTower of Hero APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold/Diamond
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Tower of Hero

Tower of Hero is an exciting role-playing game in which the player transformsmed into a soldier. Join teammates and other heroes in the service of a mysterious tower. Inside the building is a dungeon where monsters and criminals are kept. You will find many upgrade elements of these characters and equipment to increase their power. Your first task is to destroy the monsters in the dungeon. You can also hire more support heroes to help you conquer this tower. Each hero has a unique fighting ability. From the ability to attack, restore or strengthen teammates.

In the game, the player will be a leader of heroes and soldiers in conquering a tower full of monsters. You won’t know the exact height of these towers. Because every time you kill an anomaly on one floor to go to the next floor, the next floor will appear right after. Therefore, players will take the time to conquer it. And strengthen your army to fight the enemies they encounter. The game also provides a lot of powerful support devices. Players can upgrade this equipment to improve the hero’s strength. A clever strategy can help players pass through the dungeon floors more easily.

Tower of Hero apk

Download Tower of Hero mod- Control the army of heroes to destroy each floor of the mysterious tower

The game’s gameplay is relatively easy to understand, and you will see the tower. Then your job is to click on the lookout to summon the heroes. Of course, the fighting process will be done automatically, so you won’t be able to interfere too much. But you will have a certain amount of resources and buy various upgrade elements. You can keep summoning new heroes to continue your fight. The tower is firmly built vertically with brown bricks. Your army of heroes will fight each floor. Behind each wall is written the number of that floor for players to easily track.

Tower of Hero mod apk

Hero upgrade

When you start, you will begin with the lowest level with the number of heroes you control, which is five. So your job is to attack the enemies to destroy them continuously. Of course, with a limited number, players will need certain upgrades to destroy their enemies. They can find these upgrades in the sections at the bottom of the screen. Any upgrade element requires money, and the required amount will be used continuously. You can level up heroes to increase their attack power, number, and stamina over time. You can unlock more skills and types of heroes as the hero level up.

Tower of Hero mod

100 floors

Tower of Hero offers players up to 100 floors, each holding a different type of monster. They all possess potent abilities and are waiting to attack you. To destroy all these evil monsters, the player needs a relative ability. Because there are floors where monsters are incredibly crazy, they also possess enormous power. Therefore, players need to ensure their ability to avoid being attacked. There are battle dragons, mutant monsters, wolves, and giants,… Players can’t tell which enemies are waiting ahead. Evenly distribute hero power because many monsters can appear.

Many heroes

Players will easily unlock soldiers with impressive fighting forms. You can summon sworders, archers, and many other types of soldiers. At the same time, the upgrade feature in the soldier section is similar to the hero section. You will then need to upgrade an element to the required level to open a new component. An interesting point about these soldiers is that they will not be summoned by you every time you touch the screen. Specifically, in each soldier’s tab, you will see their appearance time. So you only need to care about the progress of your heroes. The percentage of soldiers appearing increases over time as you go up to higher floors.

You need to collect a lot of coins and use them properly. Because this game, in addition to strength, gold coins play a vital role. When the player needs to use them to enhance the character’s abilities, hire more soldiers. In addition, it can also be used to buy medicinal herbs that temporarily increase strength. They help your hero amplify his attack power in one turn. Download Tower of Hero mod to destroy all monsters appearing on more than 100 floors of the tower.

How to Download & Install Tower of Hero MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Diamond) for Android


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