Kingdom of Invaders MOD APK (Menu/God mod/Weak Enemy) 1.2.17

Updated on 27/03/2023 (4 days ago)
NameKingdom of Invaders APK
PublisherKingdom of invaders
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mod/Weak Enemy
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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A challenging adventure strategy game called Kingdom of Invaders. You will have to defend your kingdom by yourself, which is threatened by invading monsters. The direct clashes that take place between you and other heroes are also impossible, not to mention. Build a strong army so they can defend your kingdom. Along with that, players can attack other heroes’ castles. Use the magical magic system, along with the skillful skill system. Battles and fame depend on your fighting ability. Enjoy the colorful and thrilling adventure ahead.

There is a huge wheel of fortune, which offers coins and tickets to attack other castles. Each player owns four kingdoms built in the form of islands floating in the sky. Each of these kingdoms is guarded by two of your most powerful heroes. When reaching the realm of the good heroes, the player needs to destroy their guards. The fact that you need to destroy so that the number of enemy guards becomes less than yours. If that happens, it means you have won this robbery. If you win, you can win your opponent’s corresponding amount of money, experience, and bonus items.

Kingdom of Invaders android

Download the Kingdom of Invaders mod – Join the battle for the opponent’s castle

Suppose you have not won the lucky spin ticket, you can attack other heroes. Players can train by killing monsters that appear on their friend’s territory. Adventure every corner; there are always monsters from weak to strong who appear and attack you. The game consists of 6 chapters; inside each chapter, there are a set of 15 different maps. Players can explore translationally and explore the storyline unfolding across each region. The heroes are designed in an extremely vivid and shining way. Colored bands of hero colors shine around your hero.

Kingdom of Invaders mod apk

Character system

Kingdom of Invaders provides a system of 8 main heroes with different skill systems. This system is divided into four heroes using swords; the rest is a system of talented magicians. Players can also upgrade these characters and turn them into legendary warriors. For example, the mage guy Health with the main weapon is a floating book. The main skill of this mage is the ability to destroy time. Or general Tha Yang with long hair tied in a ponytail at the back of his head. He held a Japanese sword with the skill of making three slashes in his hand. Mage Edelwisee can pull enemies close and confuse them.

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Three types of kingdoms

There are three main types of kingdoms in the game that you need to build and defend. Includes default realm, VIP realm, and Nft realm. The default kingdom has been provided from the beginning; the player can upgrade this kingdom with gold. The VIP Kingdom is purchased with a KOI black card. This place has some extra layers of defense when others attack the kingdom. The NIF kingdom is a separate kingdom with the characteristics of each player. This kingdom is only traded in the open sea, so the owner can change. These NIF kingdoms have unique attributes to protect from other heavy attacks.

Kingdom of Invaders apk

Build and upgrade

In front of each of your kingdoms are two fiery red flags. Above each of these flags, the player will choose two heroes from the collection. They are the ones who will guard your kingdom from attack. Each kingdom at the time of its construction was just an empty field. Your job is to win as many gold coins, use them to buy more features of the kingdom. But what if a certain kingdom was attacked and destroyed? The player is required to rebuild that kingdom from the first step. In the lucky spin, there is a protective shield. If it can be filmed, a protective layer will be built around the kingdom.

Kingdom of Invaders mod

Upgrading heroes has never ceased to attract the gaming community. Get new skins, equipment, weapons, and skill cards. Each of these pieces of equipment will increase the hero’s stats significantly. In particular, there is rare and scarce equipment that appears. It is because of the scarcity that it is an extremely valuable item; just owning these items and equipment will increase the strength of your character extremely high. There are also powerful skills that help you easily defeat the monsters that appear on the way. Download Kingdom of Invaders mod to attack monsters with skillful swords.

Download Kingdom of Invaders MOD APK (Menu/God mod/Weak Enemy) for Android

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