Masters Moba League MOD APK 1.14 (Neutralize the enemy)

Updated on 12/01/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameMasters Moba League APK
PublisherIndie Code, Inc.
MOD FeaturesNeutralize the enemy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

1. Hero cant attack
2. No ads

Note: Hero in bush still can attack you but main hero cant attack due to dumb.

Masters Moba League is an online fighting action game with teammates. After creating an account to log in, choose a favorite name. Players are always taken to the tutorial area to prepare for the battle. Guide players to familiarize themselves with character control as well as special skills. Once the player knows the way to move, the player can easily win against real opponents in the game world. The main target the player needs to aim for is the energy towers of the opposing team. The game automatically pairs you with another random player and forms a team that participates in the fight for survival.

During the battle, you can clash with the character of the enemy team. Fighting them and winning is also a way to gain more advantage in the game. But don’t be too focused and focused on killing all the enemies that are lurking out there. Instead, you can focus more on finding a way to the enemy team’s turret area, which is also a hope of victory. But besides that, your team also has a tower, so protecting it is also important. Each team member can take on a different role and responsibilities. Find teammates who are similar in fighting style and understand each other in the performance of missions.

Masters Moba League apk free

Download Masters Moba League mod – Head-to-head war to destroy enemy towers

Similar to other fighting games, the operations are relatively familiar. To control the character’s movement, run and explore every corner. The player moves his finger instead of the control circle on the left hand side. Skill and attack element manipulations are present in the right corner. When it reaches an enemy turret, there is a circle of blue light surrounding it. If you and your teammates step in, it will turn yellow, each slash the player slashes damaging the tower’s mana. If the player is destroyed, killed, the whole scene will turn black and white. You return to your circle of power to start over.

Masters Moba League mod

The only hero

Before the battle, you can choose a hero for yourself. Each hero has unique combat skills. Analyze and make the most accurate choices to strengthen your team. Players can also regularly select a certain hero to be able to build combat operations with that hero. If you choose a new hero, you can collect it and bring it to the high-level battle. Players may be thrown back because they are not used to controlling skills. Visible enemies can take advantage of this weakness to focus on killing you before you move further into the map.

Masters Moba League apk

Great reward

Just with hard work and patience, players can redeem the desired rewards. In-game rewards play an important role in your leveling up. Money, experience, equipment, weapons, gems,…everything can be contained in those surprise reward chests. Even if you join the game every day, there are pretty decent rewards. In addition, the more difficult the task, the greater and more valuable the reward. Therefore, players can challenge high levels. Just to test your ability and fitness as well as earn more rewards for yourself.

Masters Moba League apk free

Skill system

Is it easy to deal with so many opponents with just one sword? Seeing the difficulty in this, the manufacturer has created a diverse skill system. They add strength when players need it most, give them extra motivation, and are a ray of light when players are about to hit a tough spot. Depending on the hero you bring into the battle or the type of battle, there will be different skills. But usually, they all have the function of magnifying your combat maneuvers. Causes damage, influence, and power spread area to increase. There are skills that also help increase experience and gold coins.

Masters Moba League mod apk

Masters Moba League offers a server-wide ranked battle. Here players can compete with other players. Then make your reputation rise step by step, and move your name into the world honor table. The different modes also help players change the way they play for more comfort. Like the Jungle mode, various strategies are used across three lanes. These new modes are regularly updated to give players the most refreshing experience. Download Masters Moba League mod to participate in the arduous team fight in the mysterious forest.

Download Masters Moba League MOD APK (Neutralize the enemy) for Android

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