Postknight MOD APK (God mode/Unlimited money) 2.2.39

Updated 15/11/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NamePostknight APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesGod mode/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Postknight

With the title of the indie game and the best game on Google Play in 2017. Postknight is nominated as one of the best titles to choose and play by critics and many gamers around the world. . Become the most unique and exciting role-playing game of the year. The game is designed to suit all mobile devices, and satisfy the most demanding players. So what’s behind the success of this seemingly simple game. Join me today to experience and evaluate Postknight.

The story of Postknight tells about the adventures of a knight with the same name as the game title. Assigned to deliver deliveries around the entire Kurestal kingdom. From there Postknight’s journey begins, meeting events with new characters. Perform quests to discover more interesting and thrilling stories but also extremely dangerous. You will follow Postknight through challenges, stories in the Kurestal kingdom, and other mysterious lands. The characters in Avakin Life, Archer’s Adventure are also worth the role and complete the game.

Postknight mod

Download Postknight mod – Adventure with a cute knight

You will play the main knight Postknight, control the knight move along with the 2D screen of the game. Move from left to right through the houses, nature, and people of the peaceful and romantic Kurestal kingdom. You will then perform quests through meeting with villagers. Discover many interesting stories, fight monsters to keep the kingdom’s peace. The more storylines open, the more main and secondary characters there will be. They contribute significantly to helping you experience stories. Strengthen yourself and much more.

We will communicate with the characters through the conversations displayed in the top corner of the screen. Click to cycle through the conversations between the players and the rest of the characters. Depending on the character with their role, the interaction will be different. Each character has a special function depending on their profession. They can give you gifts or strange items. Gives you an extra quest or special clue.

Postknight mod mod

Simple combat mechanism

Game for you to fight in vertical screen style. Similar to the popular turn-based strategy games in the past. The battles will only consist of 3 main operations that are attack, block, and use the medicine. Each turn will only use one action, when it ends your turn will be the enemy’s turn. Victory will be determined by the knight’s strength and the factors that you give him. Along with confrontation and situation handling skills. Know when to attack and defend. Watch for the indexes to decrease over time to use medications at the moments of need.

Postknight mod apk free

Upgrade weapons and medicine

The weapons system in Postknight is very diverse. Possessing a beautiful shape is extremely cute. You will equip them for your knight to increase oppai stats in strength, speed, armor … You can upgrade them from the forge to increase the stats mentioned above. In addition to basic or inexpensive equipment. There are also legendary items that cannot be purchased with cash. Can only be obtained by defeating a dangerous boss or completing a difficult quest. This equipment not only increases the strength and stats of the character. It also has special effects that are unique to that outfit. Moreover, they are very beautiful and eye-catching for you to wear.

Postknight 1

Many special interactions

In battles with enemies and bosses. You will be bringing with you one of some special skills that you possess. Depending on the type of enemy and the skills that will affect them or yourself to easily deal with them and fight. Choose skills that are suitable for each type of enemy to easily defeat them. In addition, Postknight also designs the relationships between players. NPCs have a certain level of intimacy. There are many characters that we will stick with in many future stories. They will give us gifts when we meet again. Please stop by and meet the girls who have always waited and bring their warmth.

Postknight mod apk

Cute Chibi graphics with pure sound and colors. Combined with simple yet addictive gameplay and elements such as weapons, skills are not too complicated and very easy to get used to. Postknight deserves the title of the best and best game of 2017. When you need a feeling of fighting with a fun and relaxing atmosphere, Postknight is sure to be a great choice and reasonable. Download Postknight mod and adventure knight in a world full of fun!

How to Download & Install Postknight MOD APK (God mode/Unlimited money) for Android


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