Zombie Cubes 2 MOD APK 1.1 (Menu, God mode, unlimited ammo)

Updated 2 months ago
NameZombie Cubes 2 APK
PublisherMayoNinja Games
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode, unlimited ammo
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

1. God mode
2. Unlimited ammo
3. No reload
4. Much damage
5. Firerate

Take on the challenge to survive in the zombie world in the game Zombie Cubes 2. The zombies have returned to the world, but now they are different from cubes. You are the only person on this planet to survive the wave of destruction of the zombies. Outbreaks in the world have helped zombies appear and destroy the planet you live on. Now you can only constantly move to avoid the zombies that search for you in every corner. You are the only one with a round shape different from them on this planet. The zombies will constantly look for you no matter where you are, so you must take up arms.

Before the search for the zombies, responding to them is the only way to survive. You need to constantly go to locations and collect weapons to be able to fight off the zombies. They will come in waves towards you, and all you need to do is get out of their encirclement. Equip a map to track zombies and find a temporary escape. Go through particular areas to make your zombie gun even more powerful. Increase the possibility of survival among the bloodthirsty zombie’s thanks to the most careful preparations. Discover the secret that will help you survive daily amid the exploding number of corpses.

Zombie Cubes 2 mod

Download Zombie Cubes 2 mod – Fight with cube zombies

Zombies have appeared before you, but their appearance does not seem to be what you imagined. They are far from you because you are round and have a strange square appearance. It seems this outbreak has caused the zombie with this odd appearance to move. Although they change their arrival, the brutal nature of zombies remains the same. They have always remained devoid of humanity, and any life would annoy them. You are a life still on this planet, and they are ready to attack you. Run across this ravaged planet and make a plan to fight the zombies.

Zombie Cubes 2 android

Strange zombies

One day you wake up and in front of you is a strange square-shaped creature with a peculiar expression. You won’t need to think long before identifying them as evil zombies. They have different appearances than you imagine, but their nature is still bloodthirsty. Contrary to their appearance is a rejection of the life around them. Any life makes them mad until they destroy it with their own hands. And only the still world with death can make them feel comfortable. So you must try to maintain one of the world’s only hope of survival against the hordes of weird zombies.

Zombie Cubes 2 apk

The challenge exists

You will have to learn how to fight zombies and escape their pursuit. Running away will only make the zombies rush toward you in more significant numbers. So it would be best if you started fighting them to avoid facing multiple waves of zombies. Creating to kill zombies with the gun you find in the store is not a bad thing. It will be difficult for you to adapt to fighting zombies, but their brutality forces you to. The existence of zombies on the planet threatens the safety of your life. It would be best if you overcame the challenge of existing not only for you but for the world’s life.

Zombie Cubes 2 free

Fight cube zombies

It would be best if you had a weapon to fight off zombies with a unique shape but still thirsty for blood. The map is what you must have to escape the siege of the undead in the game constantly. Running away is the only thing you prioritize when you don’t have enough weapons in you to fight them. You will need to collect weapons before the zombies destroy them because they realize the usefulness of firearms. The equipment you find helps you set out each trap to prevent zombies. The big explosion from the bombs can scare them and help you to escape. Use the weapons you find and fight the zombies to protect your survival.

Zombie Cubes 2 mod apk

Each zombie with a different appearance from you emerges from the pandemic and destroys the world. You are the one with a different shape from them, which signals them to attack you. In particular, you are the one carrying in you what the zombies hate the most, which is life. So they will constantly pursue you to every corner of the world to be able to tear you apart. You can only hide from them, but you will confront the zombies one day. That’s when you gather enough weapons and go back to starting your survival campaign. Download Zombie Cubes 2 mod to escape from hordes of strange square zombies and fight for your survival.

Download Zombie Cubes 2 MOD APK (Menu, God mode, unlimited ammo) for Android

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