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Updated on 16/03/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameSamurai Blade: Yokai Hunting APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, High damage/defense
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Samurai Blade: Yokai Hunting MOD APK Infomation

Mod Menu

  1. Damage Multiplier
  2. Defense Multiplier
  3. Massive Dodge Chances
  4. Massive Crit Chances

Samurai Blade: Yokai Hunting material is set between humans and monsters in the chaotic Japanese war period. The story of fighting for righteousness always brings many ideas for works. You will see brave, beautiful Japanese girls fighting evil monsters. The beast soon attacked the peaceful village. Petite girls have to accept the fact that the clan is slaughtered. Their job is to take revenge and justice for the family.

The name of the game says its leading spirit. The message of Samurai Blade is destroying evil and defending righteousness to the very end: Yokai Hunting. Japan’s Samurai spirit is probably no stranger to the world. Samurai fighters take loyalty – courage – honor as their goal in life. In Japan, samurai are very noble. They are also seen as the precious cherry blossoms of the mourning land. The characters in the game will also fight hard for good. Although they are the weak faction, they have an immortal Samurai spirit to protect the good to the end.

Samurai Blade

Download Samurai Blade: Yokai Hunting mod – Fight with samurai spirit

Derived from the context of chaos and loss, the characters in the game are forced to fight to win. You are immortal girls who see war as a duty to do. You face off against a ferocious monster. You also encounter countless challenges in your journey. Everything goes highly fierce, but you cannot retreat. This is where you can show your resilience, even as a girl. You will become more flexible and wiser in every action. To protect yourself, you have to be careful. Fierce battles are waiting for you ahead. Coming to Samurai Blade: Yokai Hunting, monster battles are no longer a concept just for men. Your character will fight as hard as the famous samurai spirit.

Samurai Blade mod apk

Spiritual teamwork

You will not be fighting alone in Samurai Blade: Yokai Hunting. With the heroic martial spirit, you will always have your teammates by your side. The feature that calls for more warriors to join the group will help you increase your chances of survival. You have up to 46 other boxers in your journey. Let’s work hard on the challenges to recruit more teammates. The more allies, the more your strength will be strengthened. Samurai gives players the spirit of diffusion and solidarity. You also have the opportunity to find more items needed for you through performing challenges.

Samurai Blade apk free

Reasonable strategy

Girls become weaker because they are not women. Your character is challenged with his computation before entering the battle with monsters, from defense, attack, assassin, or simply support. The tactics seem super easy but require thorough understanding and correct application. Beautiful girls will become mighty female warriors. Good use of the skills of each boxer that you recruit will bring about excellent results. Your character also undergoes challenges such as sword fighting and big monster hunting. The action that is probably only male and female now becomes as light as pink feathers with pretty girls.

Samurai Blade apk

Awesome interface

Do you want to be stylish in Japanese clothes and fight under cherry blossoms? Ancient sites always bring a particular attraction to viewers, especially young audiences. Samurai Blade has kept the fans of the land of the rising sun coming through its unique ancient color. The characters with a character anime version, beautiful costumes, and a very distinctive voiceover. These factors are also means of further inspiration in fierce battles. The game features strong and resilient girls fighting against evil. Rewards, items, or obstacle courses are also well prepared. All create a colorful version that is very attractive to players.

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Download Samurai Blade: Yokai Hunting MOD APK (Menu, High damage/defense) for Android

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