Zold:out MOD APK (Menu, Damage multipliers/Defense multipliers) 00.17.08

Updated 20/03/2024 (1 month ago)
NameZold:out APK
PublisherC4Cat Entertainment Limited
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage multipliers/Defense multipliers
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Zold:out

Use special weapons of the blacksmith world and fight monsters in Zold:out MOD APK (Menu, Damage multipliers/Defense multipliers). The world of powerful weapons crafted from blacksmithing is approaching the danger of destruction. The ones who caused disaster in this world were the giant monsters waiting for their chance. They feared that the advancement of blacksmithing would produce powerful weapons that would harm them. And taking advantage of the poor management of the blacksmith city, they organized an attack. The efforts to recreate the town in front of the monsters were all immediately destroyed. But it took someone to step out and cover the city of mighty weapon blacksmiths.

In the outside world, a land exists for blacksmiths to live together. They are the most skilled and always create combat support weapons. However, an accident happened to this place when the excellent blacksmiths fell one by one. Although the city was peaceful, people did not strictly control it, and the enemy attacked. Monsters kept appearing and wanted to destroy the city of blacksmiths. Monsters were no longer afraid of powerful weapons because few people were qualified to use them. Raise the talented inhabitants of the blacksmith city and lead them against demons.

Zoldout android

Download Zold:out APK mod – Defeat monsters with blacksmith weapons

The Blacksmith’s City was once the birthplace of many powerful combat weapons. The people who worked here were also the noblest members with a talent for forging weapons. However, the next generation of the city could not maintain this pride. The town had fallen under attack from monsters and had become a place of complete chaos. But hope remains when you find a stockpile of weapons intact. You are a blacksmith and will have to help your home city overcome attacking monsters. Use weapons from the city’s epic collection and defeat the invading monsters.

Zoldout apk

Blacksmith city

Your exploration of the world has reached a new location for blacksmiths. Together, they use their talents to build a solid city and fight for survival. Blacksmiths didn’t need to search for weapons because they could make their own even better. But the period of decline has also come when the city can no longer hold its solidarity. Internal conflicts make everything out of control and become an opportunity for the enemy to attack. Monsters even approached the blacksmiths’ abode and were forced to fight. Explore the world of weaponsmiths and test the remaining power of the city.

Zoldout mod apk

Combat weapons

The people in the blacksmith world didn’t need to depend on weapons from outside because they had talent. They could forge any weapons and put them in their smithy collection. But now the enemy has appeared, and it’s time to open the blacksmith’s arsenal to fight. The armory will open to those qualified to become talented blacksmiths. Your trump card in the battle with monsters is the weapon in the shop. However, those weapons will also be weak points when you face-attacking monsters. Use weapon cards inside the shop and purge demons that cause chaos.

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Fight against monsters

You will become a talented blacksmith and run a store that stores powerful weapons. And in this vast city, you will not have to face monsters that appear on your own. Accompanying you are people who have the talent to use powerful weapons created by you. You will go with that hero to move around the city and search for evil monsters. But you need to use the cards to help the hero attack before the demons. They still can’t help but make power from weapons, and your help is essential. Adjust your blacksmith squad to fight monsters and defeat them with strategies.

Zoldout mod

The future of a blacksmith city has been ruined since the monsters attacked. They do not appear spontaneously and dare to confront those talented in making weapons. This city has long been out of order and has holes everywhere. So the monsters would not pass up the opportunity but invade the place where you made the weapon. But you can keep this city alive and use blacksmith weapons against them. You will accompany talented artisans in the shop and use battle cards. Download Zold:out APK 00.17.08 to use weapon cards and fight to drive monsters out of the city.

How to Download & Install Zold:out MOD APK (Menu, Damage multipliers/Defense multipliers) for Android


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