Zero City MOD APK (Menu, Menu, High Damage/Defense) 1.49.0

Updated 23/02/2024 (3 days ago)
NameZero City APK B.V.
MOD FeaturesMenu, Menu, High Damage/Defense
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play

Zero City MOD APK Information

  • V1: Menu, High Damage/Defense
  • V2: Enemy attacks 1 damage

Introduce MOD APK Zero City

The undead doesn’t stand a chance in Zero City when you start attacking them. Gather the most dangerous team of warriors ready to slaughter all infected targets. No mercy is allowed to appear on these dead people. Instead, create a solid base that cannot be penetrated. You will prove that there is no other creature with such fierce fighting power as a human. Free them all and look to brighter futures for the future. It will all depend on your courage and the path you have chosen.

Diseases and zombies are always what create the creepy scenes in horror movies outside the theater. You don’t have to go out there to become a great survivalist. Instead, we will enjoy the battles right on our devices with Zero City. From images to sounds, there are dark and gloomy colors. Horror movies are indeed created to make the viewer a little nervous. However, it is highly entertaining because you will be able to play and progress with the level. So build your empire to kill the most powerful zombies.

Zero City mod

Download Zero City mod – Create a base against danger

After the zombie apocalypse, the world is now just a ruin with ruins around. Survivors like you will now have a hard time getting through this. But with experience as a mercenary, you quickly find the conditions for survival. Use valuable equipment to build a strong base. Then find and recruit other warriors to your team. Rescue other survivors and bring back the loot. Be careful when dealing with heavily transformed undead, as they are incredibly ferocious. Destroy all immediate targets at all costs to eliminate this threat.

Base expansion

Your base is like a large gathering area where all activities can occur. You unlock a new empty room every time you reach the required level threshold. In it, you can choose an action that you consider helpful. For example, opening a snack bar that provides energy for warriors. The laboratory specializes in the research of new and more powerful weapons. Money printing studio to make you a lot of income every second. There are also training places for the warriors under your command. Manage everything to benefit yourself and speed up the progress of development.

Zero City mod free

Recruiting rookies

There are also many people out there who struggle with difficulties in this world. That is the condition for them to show their abilities and become super soldiers. We can randomly summon them in contracts. You will see each person possessing an effective fighting method. That creates uniqueness as well as the class division for each individual. You can choose those with higher stats to create the best conditions. But don’t forget to level them up through combat to get past the new limit more and more. The rookies are an effective tool for you to go through the levels quickly.

Zero City mod apk

Hero upgrade

Don’t forget to look for sound equipment for your hero to optimize his strength. These items are usually located in random chests with different rarity rates. If you’re lucky, you can find high-quality items to use. Note that heroes can only use their articles, and cannot be shared in any way with the Zero City mod.

How to Download & Install Zero City MOD APK (Menu, Menu, High Damage/Defense) for Android


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