Zapya MOD APK 6.3.4 (US) (VIP Unlocked)

Posted 3 months ago by Thuỷ Dương
NameZapya APK
PublisherDewmobile, Inc.
Version6.3.4 (US)
MOD FeaturesVIP Unlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

When sharing a few files with friends, there are times when you have to change their format or size for the sharing to be valid. That’s an inconvenience, and we need Zapya. Solve all your file sharing needs for everyone. The developer is confident you can move any file anywhere. No matter what social network or browser it is. So how do they do it, and what is its use? Perhaps you are interested because this way will keep 100% of the original information.

Zapya is software that can be considered a unique tool. With this tool, you will be able to move any file to different platforms. Even platforms have regulations on what to do before sending files. Zapya will altogether remove them. Feel free to send whatever you like in its original condition. The app itself can also create a space that allows multiple people to be in it simultaneously. Then share information. Nothing can stop and stop.

Zapya mod

Download Zapya mod – How to share complete information

First, you can create a room and let other users access it. To do this, you and everyone else need to download Zapya from before. Then, to find the room, write the correct name and password to be able to enter. All will be set up and managed by you. Once everyone is in the room, we will begin to share information. But how to do it. Make sure you already have files to share on your smartphone. Everything you share will be converted into a QR code for everyone to scan and retrieve. It’s a simple and practical way to save space when sharing up. There are many other more exciting and convenient ways.

Zapya mod apk

Shake to connect

Zapya uses a particular sensor for you to connect to the room you want. That is holding a smartphone in your hand and shaking it continuously. This only works when the two devices are close to each other. You will shake to connect to the nearest room created on the neighboring device. This feature is helpful if you need to share documents with friends. Just make a room and ask everyone to shake their smartphones. All are already in the room to seamlessly share everything on the internet.

Zapya mod apk free

Manage each piece of information separately

There is never a chance that different file types will be in a messy and unorganized area. Even if they are not the same format or size, Zapya will still classify and place them in certain areas. There are places dedicated only to text, audio, and image files. Downloaded tracks also have their sort and autoplay functionality. Finding them isn’t too tricky with recognizable filenames either. If the name is unrelated to the document inside, you can change it. Managing files before sharing in Zapya is pretty straightforward.

Zapya mod free

Computer control device

In addition to all the above features, Zapya has another interesting function. It’s a wireless mouse for computers. That’s right. It was a function that no one expected. But really, you can do this if you have Zapya. Its layout includes a main space used as the laptop’s touchpad. At the bottom will be the buttons that support the ways of clicking. So we have a full left mouse button, right mouse button, and mouse scroll wheel. So there’s even the biggest Enter button in the middle. Using this mouse is also quite fun and is probably only used for fun.

Zapya free

Move files through any medium without a hitch. Connect with friends in one room to share information comfortably. Zapya is a place to help you share everything with your friends on the internet.

Download Zapya MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) for Android

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