Yalghaar MOD APK 5.7 (Dumb enemy/God mode)

Updated on 10/01/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameYalghaar APK
PublisherRockville Games
MOD FeaturesDumb enemy/God mode
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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When the war approaches are the time we have to take up a gun and go to the brutal battlefield. Fight with each other with weapons like guns and bullets. There will be sacrifices and losses, but for victory and peace, we have to trade-off. Destroy as many enemies as possible to occupy the enemy base. Download Yalghaar now to experience the feeling of real combat in war. Become the one deciding the future and serving your country.

Join a secret campaign to rescue the hostages and destroy the enemies and their conspiracy. Neutralizes hostile attacks from the enemy. With a storyline bearing the colors of the world war era. We will experience eye-catching gameplay with action scenes just like in the movie. Many wartime weapons were used. The bullets entered the opponent’s body. The eye-catching action of brave soldiers. Requires air, players need to have shooting skills and be agile when handling difficult situations. Managing when in danger is like a soldier in a real war.


Download Yalghaar mod – Become a class commando

Coming to the game Yalghaar you will be transformed into a commando sent by the government. You have the experience of infiltrating the enemy’s strategic base. Destroy all from the inside, rescue the captive hostages and destroy enemies with guns. The control mechanism will be very familiar to veteran shooters. But for new players, it will take a little time to practice. You will quickly get acquainted with the movement and gameplay of the game. Move the lever to help the character move forward. Use the attack button to shoot enemies with your gun. When you run out of ammunition you will press the reload button to reload your gun.

Yalghaar download

Countless weapons of war

When fighting in Yalghaar you will not have a single gun. You can choose for yourself a lot of different weapons. Each weapon has a different shape and firing mechanism. The rifle will have great damage at medium range. The shotgun will have great damage at close range but weak at long range. The submachine gun will give you high mobility and high firing speed. Each of these guns also has its own certain weaknesses. Please consider carefully before choosing your favorite gun. Limit indiscriminate firing as this will make you more vulnerable to exposure. Also makes it possible for you to run out of ammo faster and no more bullets fighting in a critical state.

Yalghaar mod

Attractive plot

Yalghaar owns a story that can captivate the shooter. Take the context of countries that are intense with each other. Civil wars are often fought between factions. Malicious conspiracies are prepared to destroy competitors. As a special soldier sent to the battle area. Infiltrate the enemy’s military base and gather information. Destroy them from within and rescue the kidnapped hostages. Destroy all the dangerous enemies with your weapons. Destroy the bombs installed to mass destruction and save the surrounding people. Destroy their battle base.

Yalghaar apk

Invisible in front of enemies

To be able to infiltrate the enemy base in Yalghaar you must not let them detect. Become a master of invisibility and disguise. Destroying them by surprise from behind prevents them from turning in time. A spy quietly undermines their great plans without being discovered. They will dispatch soldiers to patrol and guard around the base. Move silently in front of the enemy by walking gently. If you let them detect and attack indiscriminately, all the targets will accrue to prevent you from turning back. The consequences will be dire if you are exposed. Carry out military plans intelligently and thoroughly.

Yalghaar mod apk

Dramatic combat

The ultimate use of AI technology in combat is what makes Yalghaar such a shooting masterpiece. You will be the best, receive the most dangerous instructions and missions. Participate in the largest-scale war on terror in history. There are no rules that bind you in this game. Only a survival war between you and a dangerous enemy. Any risk can happen to your life. Become the best, the most powerful warrior of the government. Destroy the terrorists and become their terror. Download Yalghaar mod now to experience the feeling of holding a gun. Unleash the choice of the most powerful weapons and become a terrorist hunter.

Download Yalghaar MOD APK (Dumb enemy/God mode) for Android

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