X Launcher MOD APK (Premium unlocked) 8.8

Updated on 19/03/2023 (19 hours ago)
NameX Launcher APK
PublisherModel X Apps
MOD FeaturesPremium unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.0+
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Bored with the boring primary interface on the phone? Change now and quickly with X Launcher. Try it out. Provides you with a bunch of new and beautiful skins designed in full color. A tool not only to decorate your smartphone. X Launcher also makes tasks more tailored to your usage. It doesn’t matter what type of user you are. The famous interfaces of many names have built a monument in the technology world. You will not be disappointed by these super cool interface designs.

Each phone company creates a highlight with a unique interface that is unmatched. All of them carry a design that represents their level and difference. So no matter what device it is, changing the interface is relatively easy. By now, you have X Launcher on your phone. The only process you need to do is select the interface and favorite systems. Then apply and enjoy a completely new smartphone space. Do not tie us to any specific type of interface. Instead, feel free to combine and create the version you think is perfect.

X Launcher mod

Download X Launcher mod – Give your smartphone a new look

X Launcher changes from the interface, system, control center, and many things inside a smartphone. They can be considered exciting topics for you to choose from. Including the interface of many popular devices such as the iPhone, Samsung… Their interface is beautiful and appreciated for its optimization and multitasking. Applying X Launcher’s skins to your smartphone yields the same results. With most of the operations are precisely the same as the original. It will help you use your smartphone conveniently and appropriately for several tasks. Of course, it’s up to you whether you like it. This interface does not affect the application or anything inside the system.

X Launcher mod apk

Application classification and security

It may not be relevant, but this feature is safe and worth using. X Launcher will allow you to categorize the apps you have downloaded. Games, utilities, social networks, browsers… will be separated for easier management and use. We also have an additional app security method that only you can use. Lock any apps you feel are not safe with a password or fingerprint recognition, or draw a password if available. So all applications are classified and effectively secured.

X Launcher mod apk free

Shortened Gesture Settings

Some operations such as recording screen, taking screenshots, managing to multitask… It’s time-consuming if you follow the basic steps. Then why not create their own shortened gesture. It only takes a combination of fingers to trigger an easy action. You can comfortably use many gestures for different operations. For example, swipe your finger in specific directions to unlock the action. Or tap the screen repeatedly. There are many other activation methods for you to install yourself.

X Launcher mod free

Align grid size

The application grid is a place to group applications into a separate folder. That folder will be minimized by the application icon when you exit. And when you click it, it will display all the applications inside it. X Launcher gives you another excellent tool to change these grid systems. The user can change the number of queued applications in a given row and a specific column. Increase or decrease the size of folders, so they look best on the screen. This is just a small tool, but it will make those who like tinkering pay attention.

X Launcher free

Your smartphone will change completely when you have X Launcher decorated for it. Change the interface and essential system tools. Create convenient gestures to trigger actions more quickly. X Launcher mod is what you will need when you are bored with the basic design of your smartphone.

Download X Launcher MOD APK (Premium unlocked) for Android

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