EOBD Facile MOD APK (Plus unlocked) 3.55.0984

Updated 26/10/2023 (1 month ago)
NameEOBD Facile APK
PublisherOutils OBD Facile
MOD FeaturesPlus unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK EOBD Facile

Every day you are driving a car to get to work. Or it is the main means for you to travel every day. So the car is one of the things you need to pay attention to. EOBD Facile is the application that will help you track the car’s status. Know the vehicle’s faults. Gives you the earliest detection and has its own solutions. Leaving the car will always be guaranteed in safe mode. Serve for your travel needs. Check the car and find holes in the car. Therefore, users can also feel more secure and know as soon as possible. A utility application with much-needed functionality.

The daily vehicle you are traveling in is now tracked by the EOBD Facile. Drive with peace of mind and be controlled by the app. If your vehicle has an error, the application will notify you of the device. So tracking for the vehicle becomes easier. Especially if you regularly drive long distances. EOBD Facile will really be needed! The app has been and is being used by many car owners. Bring countless benefits to use. It is one of the indispensable applications for drivers. Guaranteed optimal for your vehicle. Report an error if any, so that the user will quickly update the information. Have yourself the earliest possible solutions.

EOBD Facile mod

Download EOBD Facile mod – Check the car status

EOBD Facile with the function of diagnosing the faults of the car. If the vehicle encounters any condition, the EOBD Facile will report it. This will give you peace of mind to drive and the app will check the car on your behalf. You often drive for business trips or to remote places. Then EOBD Facile is the right choice. It will help owners quickly find out what is wrong with the vehicle. To be able to promptly overcome. Do not lose time as well as a surprise when having problems. The app works on most mobile devices. Easy to use and check for vehicle-related problems. EOBD Facile will always accompany you on all roads.

EOBD Facile mod free

Error detection

EOBD Facile will detect current vehicle faults. When a vehicle is in trouble, the EOBD Facile’s indicator light will light up. Then will send notifications about the device to you. The user will check the vehicle’s faults and take measures to fix them. All vehicle problems are checked by the EOBD Facile. Report immediately to you about the system. EOBD Facile is always with you and keeps a close eye on the vehicle’s supplies. From there, given the fastest fix. Any car cannot avoid the problems of failure. Therefore, it is practical to install EOBD Facile. The app will quickly report a bad problem to the user if any.

EOBD Facile mod apk

EOBD connection

Users will have to connect to the EOBD. Once activated, the application will do its job. All relevant information will be maintained by the EOBD Facile. Through simple operations, everything about the vehicle will be controlled by the EOBD Facile. What you need about the car, EOBD Facile will also send to the equipment system. This is an application most people can use. As long as you connect to the vehicle and re-apply. As such it should work normally. Report the vehicle’s condition every time there is a problem. For you to easily manage your vehicle. Know the car’s bad problem or malfunction in the fastest time.

EOBD Facile mod android


The function of checking vehicle conditions is very strict. You can easily search and view the vehicle’s engine. System to check for you to detect car problems. Information you need to be able to capture. The EOBD Facile provides functionalities for the user to use. A tool to support and take measures with you. With EOBD Facile, you won’t have to worry about cars anymore. All matters are replaced by EOBD Facile for you. Make your car always in stable mode and operate in the safest way.

EOBD Facile is an application to control cars. Includes many features as well as tools to assist you in vehicle tracking. Makes it easy for you to know the status of your vehicle. Ensuring safe trips and without any problems. Download the EOBD Facile mod automotive notification and inspection tool.

How to Download & Install EOBD Facile MOD APK (Plus unlocked) for Android


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