World Beast War MOD APK (Unlimited money, candies, meats) 2.202

Updated 28/02/2024 (2 months ago)
NameWorld Beast War APK
PublisherClegames Inc.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, candies, meats
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK World Beast War

If anyone has ever seen the movie Godzilla, then surely they will know the giant monsters. These powerful creatures have been around since Earth was first formed. They possess an immense power that can rebalance the ecosystem of the Earth. Very powerful rays of radioactive energy can be shot out from their mouths. Most important is the sheer size they have. If you have a passion for learning about these monsters, you can try playing World Beast War. World Evolution Clicker, Naxeex Superhero also includes interesting episodes in another development with many challenges.

In order to bring the charm of the beast from the universal screen to everyone. The game World Beast War was born to serve beast lovers. A collection of the strongest monsters on the screen in one game. Not only that, but it is also a very eye-catching experience with extremely detailed and vivid graphics and extremely engaging gameplay. The sound of the modern-breath combat came from the weapons. The game will definitely be a better choice for you. An unequal battle between modern weapons and monsters. What we see will be reproduced in the most realistic way.

World Beast War mod download

Download World Beast War mod – Join the great monster war

The earth is in danger from the onslaught of unidentified enemies. Humans, with the help of beasts, will drive them away. Save the Earth that is facing an imminent danger that threatens its very existence. In this game, you will not need complicated controls. Instead, you will have to interact and arrange the game through the equipment system. Create your strongest team of monsters by unlocking them as you level up. Destroy dangerous enemies with their deadly machines. Show off your wits and effective strategy to take the farthest monster. Equip them with modern weapons.

World Beast War mod apk

Mighty monsters

This is the part that every player will feel extremely excited and excited about. There will be many wonderful and strange monsters appearing. Monsters in the form of tyranny, sphinxes, giant gorillas,… All will bring you an even larger scale battle on the screen. You can upgrade these monsters to create newer and stronger monsters. Discover as many types of monsters as possible by putting them together. Form a group of monsters with powerful destructive power to destroy everything that stands in your way. Make the enemy terrify the attack of this immense scale.

World Beast War mod apk free

Monster upgrade

Not only can your monsters evolve, but you can also upgrade them. This upgrade is extremely beneficial for your monsters. It will increase the monster’s base stats to a superior level. Not only that, when upgrading, their shape also changes. It will look more majestic, muscular, and stronger than ever. Upgrade your monsters to high and try to put them together to create special surprises for you. Extremely new evolutions will be born and go to war. A collection of the most terrible monsters in the galaxy will be yours. Unleash your creativity to create a lineup of high-level monsters.

World Beast War mod free

Countless useful items

Only monsters are boring. Let’s make them stronger. Use items collected from battle to equip them. Each item earned will have a certain benefit for your monster. Thi can be used to feed monsters and gain more experience to go to higher levels. Weapons such as gauntlets, guns will cause the monster’s damage to increase while giving them support abilities. If you know how to equip monsters with useful items, you will be able to increase the strength of the squad more. You can even create your own unbeaten squad. Conquer all the toughest challenges.

World Beast War mod android

When breeding in the wild, there will sometimes be mutations with low probability. Monsters are the same, and if you are lucky enough to get a mutation when breeding monsters, it will be great. Monsters with mutations will have a cooler appearance. At the same time possesses many unique special abilities. Not only that, if you discover relic in monsters while combining them. You will get many different beneficial effects. These effects will give you a lot of advantages when fighting. Try now World Beast War mod to be able to create yourself a team of powerful monsters. Bringing them into a war of cosmic destruction.

How to Download & Install World Beast War MOD APK (Unlimited money, candies, meats) for Android


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