World Evolution Clicker MOD APK (Unlimited money) 0.16

Updated 18/07/2021 (3 years ago)
NameWorld Evolution Clicker APK
PublisherMonkey games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK World Evolution Clicker

According to the theory of evolution, we humans were evolved from the oldest and most primitive creatures. They from the water, gradually ashore and become living creatures. Then from these animals will evolve into the most primitive apes. Then they gradually become human and more and more intelligent. If you are an evolution lover then you should not miss the World Evolution Clicker. An evolutionary game for you to explore.

Follow our human evolutionary journey from prehistoric to civilized. A long and arduous human journey to become smarter and more modern. With very simple gameplay but brings a lot of interesting and new things for players. Very suitable for entertainment after school hours or stressful and tiring work. Help you relax and feel comfortable while playing World Evolution Clicker. With detailed and eye-catching 2D graphics, the player will feel very close. Doesn’t cause stress when playing like many other games. You can play anytime, anywhere on your beloved mobile phone.

World Evolution Clicker mod download

Download World Evolution Clicker mod – Hold the evolution of humanity

Coming to the universe of the World Evolution Clicker, you will be the key holder of evolution. Help the organisms on each planet to evolve to the highest level. The way to play is extremely simple and couldn’t be easier. Just drag and drop two of the same creatures to form a new creature. This new organism is an evolution of previous organisms. Let’s combine them until they become the highest-level creatures. Bring them to a new era by evolving creatures to the same level. You can use the money to buy individuals as ingredients for evolution. Bring creatures of evolution to explore new eras in periods of development.

World Evolution Clicker mod apk

Evolution of living organisms

Since this is an evolutionary game, this is your main mission in World Evolution Clicker. Human evolution will begin on the first planet. Here you can evolve them from aquatic creatures to dinosaurs and finally humans. Buy more ingredients to boost the amount of evolution by spending the money you receive. When enough quantity is reached, a new era will open and continue to push up. When you unlock a new life form you can also buy life forms that are 2 levels less. It is more convenient to be able to speed up the progress by using diamonds to shorten the time to create creatures. Bring life to the planet.

World Evolution Clicker mod free

Opening up new eras

The new eras of the World Evolution Clicker will unfold when the required amount of evolution is reached. If you reach the full number of primitives will usher in the Stone Age or if the full number of knights can usher in medieval times. Each of the planets will be suitable for higher evolutionary conditions. You can only evolve higher if you reach new planets. Transporting the most evolved individuals from the previous planet to the new planet. Here they will become new humans with different evolutionary locations such as India or China. You can also choose the evolutionary era according to different cultures. Lots of civilizations for you to choose from.

World Evolution Clicker mod android

Make lots of coins

Money is an important factor to promote evolution in the World Evolution Clicker. Each character you create will give you the opportunity to earn coins. The higher the character evolves, the more coins you will earn. Not only that, but you can also earn coins from mini-games such as spinning shooters. Combine all of these factors and work hard and you will own a lot of coins every day. More coins will give you the ability to evolve faster as you can buy a lot of characters. You can use the money to unlock many different races of people to bring diversity to evolution. It is you who will take the evolutionary creatures in the direction you want.

World Evolution Clicker mod game

Countless good features

There will be countless cool features waiting for you when playing World Evolution Clicker. By touching the eggs you can enable them to hatch new creatures. Merge all the same animals in order to form the same kind enough to usher in a new era. Open mystery chests for a chance to get new and more special breeds. Collect as many characters as possible to enrich your evolutionary collection. You can play even when you are offline and receive even money when you leave the game. Download the World Evolution Clicker mod to manually evolve all living creatures. Have fun collecting lots of cool characters and unlock new worlds.

How to Download & Install World Evolution Clicker MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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