Woodcraft Island Survival Game MOD APK 1.64 (Menu, Pickup reward multipliers)

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NameWoodcraft Island Survival Game APK
PublisherGame Stone
MOD FeaturesMenu, Pickup reward multipliers
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Surviving on a deserted island is not easy, especially in Woodcraft Island Survival Game mod. You will have to find a way to stay in the majestic and wild nature. Dangers are always lurking with all they want. So we will have to know how to protect ourselves with craftable tools. Destroy and utilize them to get yourself precious supplies. The human will to survive is always strongest when at the last step. Nature can’t bring us down, no matter how scary it is.

Survival games are not only available on PC platforms or handheld game consoles like before. Now it has been brought to mobile devices with very high quality. Woodcraft Island Survival Game is not inferior to the excellent products you have seen. Move in an open world that simulates ideas precisely like reality. Do whatever we want, as long as it works for us. You don’t have to have the experience to survive in the natural world. As long as you work hard, you can become better than before.

Woodcraft Island Survival Game mod

Download Woodcraft Island Survival Game mod – Build and survive in a natural environment

In a ship accident at sea, the main character was lucky to survive and drifted to an island. This is a wild place, and there has never been any trace of humans coming here. So you will have to start by finding the necessary materials to collect. Then use them to build a shelter suitable for existing conditions. The next priority is to find food sources from the animals and plants in the forest. Make sure your belly is always packed and full of energy. When you have enough primary conditions to survive, you can improve your quality of life. Explore everything you’ve never seen before.

Leaning on each other

You will have a companion named Linda, who also miraculously survived. She will help you in your quest to build a new life on this island. The two will live together as a couple in the truest sense of the word. Fill in love every day so that it becomes fuller and more complete. It will help you and Linda overcome difficulties and give you more motivation to develop in life. Two people can build a big boat and find a way out. The modern world will always welcome you back with your wife. Never give up because success only comes from your efforts.

Woodcraft Island Survival Game mod free

Crafting everything

You need to know crafting to be able to complete the products you want. Please take advantage of the instructions with specific methods and ingredients to make them. For example, with your house, you can create sections like walls and floors. Then combine and get a comfortable shelter as beautiful as usual. Then there is the construction of equipment for water, a place to store food, and a garden. In this garden, we can grow functional foods. Do not forget that the exact needs hunting tools were made simply from stone and wood. They will help you track animal food sources more efficiently than using your bare hands.

Woodcraft Island Survival Game mod apk

Diverse animals

With tools like spears and bows, we can completely start our hunting. Go to the forest to search, and you will find many different animals around. From small snakes, rabbits, foxes, weasels, and squirrels to big ones like bears or lions. They can roam at night and attack you at any time. But there are gentle and timid animals that will not harm you. Hunt all that you can see and collect meat resources to store. You will have a meal rich in energy for the next hunting session. We need to use fishing rods or traps to catch aquatic species to get them.

Woodcraft Island Survival Game mod android

Exploitation of resources

Many kinds of precious and fundamental resources exist in nature for you to exploit. For example, wood can be obtained from tall and sturdy old trees around your residence. It could have been dug from scattered rocky outcrops carved everywhere you set foot. Some things come from animal bones or feathers from birds. They contribute to upgrading your tools to be more robust. Let’s unite and create something more modern and powerful than before. Serve the purpose of building everything to become current, not inferior to the contemporary world, with the Woodcraft Island Survival Game mod.

Download Woodcraft Island Survival Game MOD APK (Menu, Pickup reward multipliers) for Android

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