SkyDive Adventure MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.0.25

Updated 25/01/2021 (3 years ago)
NameSkyDive Adventure APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 8.0+
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Introduce MOD APK SkyDive Adventure

SkyDive Adventure by Juanpa Zurita opens up an adventure for the player to rescue Puca. Unfortunately, alien creatures have arrived on Earth and are cruel Puca. You play as a brave guy trying to rescue her while destroying hideous aliens. Sitting on the flight, you choose a landing place with your parachute to perform the mission. SkyDive Adventure has a limit for each screenplay in the target position, you can track where you are at. The relatively passive gameplay gives players sometimes get frustrated because you don’t have complete control over the game screen. The aliens are very numerous, make you hit and leave this place.

Determine the goal of your adventure in advance, then you need to work hard to get to that position. By jumping on top of alien monsters, movement is maintained. The player has both collected the bonus while avoiding the game screen being stopped. Everything has a connection in this game. Score points and head straight to the finish line to destroy the enemies quickly.

SkyDive Adventure mod

Download SkyDive Adventure mod – Chase alien monsters, save Puca

Explore the world in the Puca rescue adventure being held captive by the leader of the alien monsters. But first, you need to destroy their henchmen. With each jump you will move forward, limiting your contact with the ground as it causes the speed to decrease and gradually stop. Of course, then you have to start the adventure all over again. It is also a very normal situation, each time leaving the player with more experience. SkyDive Adventure with the mission to rescue the girl is extremely important. Each time you go further distances, your position will be saved. Overcome yourself with new, bigger challenges.

SkyDive Adventure mod download

Juanpa Zurita Upgrade

To go as far as each level requires, you need to pay attention to the improvement of the character. Speed, Bounciness, and many other important stats. The money earned from the adventure itself is used to help you have a better result. You do not need to save money because it also does nothing but help this guy overcome all the challenges before alien monsters.

Special option

In addition to the upgrades for Zurita, the player also has some of the same options with alien monsters. To be more precise, change each time you interact with them. For example, jumping in the head of a monster makes the character fly higher. Then players have the opportunity to collide with items above full of interesting.

SkyDive Adventure mod apk

With many types of alien monsters, that is really a big challenge for you. The player needs to move constantly to reach the end of the path where Puca is being held. Maybe there will be a beautiful love after all that happened? Help Mr. Zurita to complete this quest. Download the SkyDive Adventure mod to remove hideous alien monsters and force them to abandon Earth.

How to Download & Install SkyDive Adventure MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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