Ball Bounce: Escape Quest MOD APK (God mode) 0.3.1

Updated on 26/11/2022 (6 months ago)
NameBall Bounce: Escape Quest APK
PublisherFanmob Studio
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Accompany Ball to overcome thousands of challenges of Ball Bounce: Escape Quest. Following the hit series of Ball Bounce, this game will bring new things and new gameplay. It is a game that fully combines three elements of action, adventure, and obstacle course. Bring new gameplay with bouncing balls. Exudes interesting facial expressions. You need to control this ball to overcome the obstacles in front of you. Promises to bring vivid game footage and images. Attached are outstanding features after upgrading. The gameplay is both new and familiar, with a series of exceptional qualities.

As for Ball Bounce: Escape Quest, this is an interesting story of a dodgy ball. This ball was slandered and imprisoned in a tall prison. Daily surveillance by evil police officers. Because of this injustice, Ball decided to escape from this place. Because he is a righteous friend, Ball also decides to save his friend to free himself. On the way to escape from the dilapidated prison, you will encounter many traps and the pursuit of the police. Control Ball masterfully to the end of the road and rescue your beloved friend.

Ball Bounce Escape Quest mod

Download Ball Bounce: Escape Quest mod – control Ball to overcome the police pursuit and escape from the prison

Ball Bounce: Escape Quest is a level game. You will need to complete the requirements that each level sets forth. Collect enough gold stars on the adventure path. You will control the Ball to roll along a particular route and avoid obstacles. Depending on the level’s difficulty, you will need to collect the different numbers of stars. Overcome the obstruction of the police balls. Step through the last door of the passage to complete a level. Your Ball will have a variety of emotions on its face. Combining interface and scrolling movement creates a lively and fluid feeling. Navigating is easy thanks to the intuitive controls.

Character revival

On the escape route of Ball Bounce: Escape Quest, there will be a lot of surprises happening. Not just the twists of the tunnel arc. There are also obstacles such as gear up and down. Jumping out of poisonous spiders. The locks require you to find the key to open the gate. And there’s the debut of the monsters and the police. Suppose you get hit and die on the way. There will be a flag marking the place where you disappeared. You will then respawn and spawn at the point where you were killed. Need to pay more attention because as soon as they appear, they can be attacked without warning. And note that the number of revived lives is limited.

Ball Bounce Escape Quest apk

Collect stars and knives

Throughout the prison tunnel of Ball Bounce: Escape Quest, valuable items will appear everywhere. Gold coins and stars seemed everywhere. Furthermore, there are golden stars and razor blades. Depending on the level, they also move to make it difficult for the player. Collect these razors to open treasure chests. When you collect three to five razors, you can open a gift chest. These chests contain money, gold, costumes, and emotes for the character. Collected as many razors open, the chest will have the existence of more different faces. Instead, you can also get these skills by logging in every day.

Ball Bounce Escape Quest mod apk

Different faces

Ball Bounce: Escape Quest allows players to collect many different balls. Each of these balls will bring a new face or expression. Through collecting gold coins to buy skins in the shop. Or you can also get new skins through the daily login quest. These skins can only change Ball’s face and expressions. Not primarily affecting Ball’s strength or speed. There are fantastic faces, happy faces, grumpy faces, sly faces, etc. You can also use these skins instead of your own emotions. The variety and richness of the looks of the Ball also show the interest of the players.

Ball Bounce Escape Quest android

With the appearance of many different terrains and prisons. Ball Bounce: Escape Quest will not let you down with the change of roads and challenges. Blended with unique colors and exciting music that captures the process impressively. Ball’s various skins are also uniquely designed and unmistakable. Create your style. If you want to overcome all the challenges. Claim your versatile puzzle solving abilities. Observe the terrain and make critical decisions. Download Ball Bounce: Escape Quest mod to escape prison and rescue your friends.

Download Ball Bounce: Escape Quest MOD APK (God mode) for Android

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