Westland Survival MOD APK 3.2.0 (Menu, Free craft, VIP, Map)

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NameWestland Survival APK
PublisherHelio Games
MOD FeaturesMenu, Free craft, VIP, Map
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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– VIP activated
– All recipes are open
– Free purchases for coins in the store, even if there are not enough of them
With Menu
– Free craft
– Instant crafting at the workbench
– Duplication of single items
– When resources are divided, their number increases
– Free construction and upgrades
– Acceleration of improvements by 1 coin
– weapon durability
– Endless food
– Unlocked all events on the global map
– Instant movement on FOOT on the global map; (if energy is not spent, events do not appear)

V2 Menu mod

1. Unlimited Durability
2. Unconditional crafting of items
3. Unlimited split
4. Unlimited damage
5. The characters are invincible
6. Run as 1
7. Unlocked the blueprint
8. Unlocked paid items
9. Unlocked VIP
10. Unconditional Construction
11. Get rewarded with no ads
12. Ignore the level requirements of the workbench (the workbench must be built or constructed and the weapon is durable, otherwise it will flash back when used)

Westland Survival game with the context in the West of America is much volatile. You play as a cowboy character looking for ways to survive a robbery of bad guys. In fact, the police have accepted bribes from the bad guys and ignored the illegal activities that were taking place in this place. In other words, everyone was almost murdered, all left with a fake scene under the regime of the bad forces. Luckily for surviving in their raid, you need to help your character survive. Westland Survival also has many things that players need to do. Of course, you will not become their companions, but you will be good people.

Klondike and Yukon are places to store a lot of gold, your convoy will go there with many others to exploit. Unfortunately, that ride has been ambushed and only you are left alive. The trip was supposed to go to the deserts of Texas, New Mexico, but now the plan is gone. Westland Survival gives players the chance to survive and survive in the toughest conditions. You need to survive and look for weapons to protect yourself. In addition, the player must avenge those who ride the same car and eliminate all the bad guys.

Westland Survival mod

Download Westland Survival mod – Survive and fight to destroy bad guys

On the vast steppes, players will start by finding a place to shelter for a cold night. You also need to find a log to craft a bow and arrow. Dangers are everywhere on the vast steppe, not only bad guys but wild animals can also have a negative influence on you. Resources here are enough for players to exploit such as wood, animals. Survive by what exists in the wild and find ways to destroy the bad guys. Perhaps your mission in the game is to make this land free from looters and the police system to accept bribes.

Westland Survival mod download

Survival in the wild

This place has many things for you to exploit to sustain life but also always hidden dangers beyond your calculations. Daily life is associated with hunting deer, deer, and other animals. Besides, the character also does some other things such as mining, logging. In order to survive and survive, we must accept such a farmer’s work. Once you’ve settled in to your life, then it will be time to move on to another activity.

Westland Survival mod android

Eliminate the gangs

Gang dominance is really a concern for honest people in general and for Lone Star in particular. The police are no longer interested in their jobs, they just take money from the bad guys and ignore all the bad things that are going on. From an ambush survivor to the life of a tramp, you need to avenge your friends. Eliminate bad guys and gangs operating in the area. They have many dangerous weapons like guns, prepare your guns to be ready to fight. This is a long war to destroy bad guys.

Manufacturing equipment and items

In addition to food, water, you also need some other necessary items such as weapons. At least you must have a bow and arrow to be able to ensure safety in case of unexpected circumstances. From things that are available in the wild, players need to create widgets. This is considered an interesting activity in Westland Survival. It is close to everyday life.

Westland Survival mod free

Tame wild animals

Around you are many wild animals, at first they are dangerous to humans. But players can tame the animals to become a harmless gentle animal. In addition, you can raise more horses. Using it as a means of transportation instead of walking will greatly shorten your time.

Westland Survival mod apk

Luckily for you to survive, now is the time to find and eliminate villains. Causes them to receive bullets or hang. Although the bad guys are crowded and cooperating with the police, you cannot give up this mission. Download the Westland Survival mod to overcome the challenges of survival and fight the gangs.

Download Westland Survival MOD APK (Menu, Free craft, VIP, Map) for Android

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4 days ago
Rating :

If you update the mod version 2, I’ll give higher rate. Please update mod v2.

23 days ago
Rating :

Thei ned oppdatert this no work fix

29 days ago
Rating :

Please upload anti banned

1 month ago
Rating :

Please update this game

2 months ago
Rating :

Update mod to 2.5.1 please

3 months ago
Rating :

Me mod to get disconnected from the game

3 months ago
Rating :

Best job

5 months ago
Rating :

Non mi va il gioco mi dice che il mio account è bloccato

5 months ago
Rating :

Complimenti cretini non funziona niente mi dice il mio account e bloccato

1 year ago

App say to actualize and can’t play

1 year ago

I can’t download westland survival
Fix it pls, and pls make mod unlimited money

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