Bunker 21 Survival Story MOD APK (Unlocked full game) Chapters 1-6

Updated 19/10/2023 (7 months ago)
NameBunker 21 Survival Story APK
PublisherGarden of Dreams Games
VersionChapters 1-6
MOD FeaturesUnlocked full game
SupportAndroid 5.0 +
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Introduce MOD APK Bunker 21 Survival Story

Survive and escape the terrifying bunker in Bunker 21 Survival Story. There will not be any hope of survival if the poor guy does not have the player’s help. He had to hide in a dark place with no light and more horror than where he was the only human alive. Infected deformed individuals seek to kill any human they encounter. He needs to interact with objects to survive and resist them. Here, you must learn to control the meager resources in the basement. Besides being sensitive, paying attention to unusual circumstances, and ready to pick up weapons to fight.

Horror works with story-driven narratives or classic scares branded exclusively of the horror genre are not enough to discuss this game when perfectly combined and blended between the two elements. Above. The image is made in a unique style, although not the most realistic, it accidentally makes the night more terrifying. The main character’s thoughts will lead everything in a logical sequence if the player moves to the right place. When night falls, or you are in a cellar, you must carry a torch, or your vision will be covered in black.

Bunker 21 Survival Story mod min

Download Bunker 21 Survival Story mod apk – Survive and run away from the scary pandemic

Evil scientists have created a hazardous virus with the desire to dominate humanity. They began to execute their plan in a top-secret cellar in a faraway place. The project succeeded when these guys created many viruses and spread them into the community. But an unexpected incident happened during research; a biologist silently penetrated the body by a virus. When the plan is successful, the infected person begins to get sick and can’t control himself. The entire scientist was killed, and the cellar was abandoned and filled with walking corpses.

Bunker 21 Survival Story mod apk min

Lucky people escape

Our character is the lucky survivor among billions of infected people. Instead of staying in the big city to track down survivors and form gangs against zombies, he hid deep into the forest because he thought it would be safe. But he was wrong; the infected beasts here are many times more terrifying than the soulless people outside the city. He got lost in the scientists’ bunker and brought only a few supplies. Your task is to collect all the necessary items and kill anything that moves to wait for help from other survivors.

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Infected individuals

This virus is extremely intelligent, they not only infect humans, but any living organism can become a victim when they penetrate the brain and take control of every part of the body. Infected species will be healthier and longer than usual because they have disabled the sensory nerves and all fears of the host. When they meet an uninfected individual, they will rush to and attack to bring the virus into the body of the following bad guy. That partly explains why the animals in the deep forest, facing the main character, cannot be killed after the first shot but need many pictures to kill them.

Bunker 21 Survival Story mod apk free min

Items left behind

During the journey to escape from the mutants, many necessities will be left behind by the people living in the forest. These are all necessities for survival, so don’t waste them. The medical boxes will be a lifesaver when attacked by dangerous animals. Radios or radios are essential as they can communicate with those still alive. Cars are a safe means of traveling long distances instead of walking. Don’t forget to pick up ammo and weapons to send anyone who dares approach you back to their roots. But don’t forget these resources are limited, so control them well.

Bunker 21 Survival Story mod free min

The Mystery of the Laboratory

Of course, you won’t go through the days of surviving, just killing and moving. Dangerous secrets where the abandoned laboratory and the truth about this frightening disease are waiting for you to discover. In that cellar, it will be messy and dark but don’t panic because you are the only creature that knows how to use weapons. Discover the scary mysteries of researchers at Bunker 21 Survival Story mod apk.

How to Download & Install Bunker 21 Survival Story MOD APK (Unlocked full game) for Android


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