WarFriends MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited ammo, grenades) 5.8.0

Updated 28/06/2023 (3 months ago)
NameWarFriends APK
PublisherAbout Fun
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited ammo, grenades
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce WarFriends MOD APK

Using a gun is always extremely difficult without proper training. But you can practice comfortably without fear of causing any effects. WarFriends will be the best place to satisfy your passion for fighting. Together with friends, create fierce battles on significant battlefields. Show your fighting skills to be able to bring about the ultimate victory. Great things are waiting for you on the road ahead.

When it comes to the online shooting genre, we are already too familiar with them. These are the games that have always captured the top spot in the market. But to talk about simplicity but attractive, it isn’t easy to surpass WarFriends. It will bring you dramatic and challenging activities and give players the freedom to use all the most incredible military weapons. Create a war zone full of chaos and danger you cannot ignore.

WarFriends mod

Download WarFriends mod – Master the battlefield with your weapons

This was a highly chaotic battlefield, so you needed to pay attention to your controls. In it, the shields or barriers are the places that can keep you safe. Hide behind this barrier and attack so as not to be hit by enemies. But if you attack, it means revealing your weakness, and so does the enemy. Please take advantage of the opportunity to destroy them by aiming correctly at the target. You can move back and forth between the barriers quickly. Should wait for the correct times to move if you don’t want to be hit. Fight a lot to gain more experience and new tactics.

You can entirely shoot continuously and destroy the enemy’s barrier hiding. This will create the necessary space to put the enemy at a disadvantage. Make them have fewer places to hide and have to confront you directly. However, the barriers will recover after a certain amount of time. Don’t waste your chance if you want the enemy to be destroyed.

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Strengthen the army

To make your ranks even more substantial, you need newer battle units. These units will support you a lot in the process of confronting the enemy. Infantry will include combat robots, assassins, automatic machine guns, or mercenaries. Airborne units have combat helicopters, nuclear missiles, or relief supplies. When these troops have accumulated enough strength, they can be summoned. Help you get a lot of advantages and put the enemy at a disadvantage. Quickly send them to heaven in a short amount of time. Upgrade these units to become more critical day by day.

Hunting for new weapons

Your arsenal in WarFriends is exceptionally diverse to choose and use. These weapons will include pistols, rifles, sniper rifles, or machine guns. Each of these guns has its advantages and disadvantages during use in combat. In your inventory will be equipped with the main gun, a particular gun, and a pistol. Special guns will usually be bazookas, laser guns, or other guns. You can put any gun you like in these positions. Hunt for high rarity guns in special packs to become even more powerful.

WarFriends mod apk

Ranking Wars

If you want to assert your talent in combat, you can choose to participate in the ranking. Here you will be teamed up with other players to fight together. Your team and the enemy will try to kill as many as possible and raise the score. If the team has the higher score when the countdown is over, the team wins. Although the rules of the game seem simple, they are challenging, especially for new players. You have to push yourself to the limit to win. For each win, points will be added, and points will be deducted for each loss depending on the rank. When you accumulate enough, you will be promoted to higher positions.

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Invite your friends to play together

Of course, WarFriends will allow you to invite your friends in. Team up and fight in exciting modes or even rank up. Playing with friends will bring many different benefits to players. The first is the ability to combine high and increase the win rate more. The next is to support each other when falling into a disadvantage quickly efficiently. The third is to be able to create diverse strategies that require serious difficulty. You will soon get more fun when you come to WarFriends mod.

How to Download & Install WarFriends MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited ammo, grenades) for Android

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2. Click download and wait for the file to download to your device.
3. Install and enjoy


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