Village Island City Simulation MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.15.1

Updated 29/01/2024 (3 months ago)
NameVillage Island City Simulation APK
PublisherSparkling Society - Island Village Building Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Village Island City Simulation

Become an island tycoon as you build your growing city in Village Island City Simulation. You will begin making yourself a town but not on land. The place where you decide to create a rich land is on the island off the coast. So you will start the construction and development of the city from a small village. You can’t immediately build a city because there won’t be enough construction costs. The items for the town to develop into a city need a lot of money, and you must boost the economy. Please set up a settlement on the outlying island and develop it into the most important economic center.

You will become a ruler of a small village with many plans. Your town is built on the island, where many routes are traded. So you decide to make your town into the most prosperous city. But to achieve the development goal, you need to overcome the construction challenge. The island is enormous, and building buildings requires expanding your village. Building an entire city on the island would be impossible if you did it alone. Find construction workers so that you and them can make a thriving town together.

Village Island City Simulation mod

Download Village Island City Simulation mod – Build a developed city on the island

Surrounding your island village is the vast ocean with many circulation routes. And this is your opportunity to rely on these economic sea routes to develop the town. Your goal as a village manager is to build a beautiful city that thrives. So you need to reclaim the wastelands of the island and build structures. This will help attract more people to your island and make it crowded. However, building a city takes a lot of money, and don’t forget to organize a city business. Collect housing fees from residents in your town to develop it into a livable place.

Village Island City Simulation android

Proceed to explore

To achieve the goal of building structures for the city, you must make discoveries. This island is in the open sea, with many secrets hidden above the island. So in the expansion process, you also have the opportunity to explore the wasteland. They can contain hidden treasures that pirates have hidden, which is a great asset. If you can capture them, building your city will be even more convenient. Your island may also have many resources for you to exploit and develop. The opportunity to expand the island is also a time for you to explore and successfully perform mining.

Village Island City Simulation apk

Architectural building

The construction of the city’s architecture is significant for residents to reside. So you need to quickly expand your island by reclaiming new lands. In those places, you can build many different buildings in the city. Your residents want to have fun and help them make a series of such structures. You can build cinemas interspersed with shopping malls in the city. In addition, you can unlock many new systems during the city’s development. Build all the works of the town on the island so that this place becomes the busiest.

Village Island City Simulation free

Income from the city

Building a city from a village will be costly, and you must collect a living fee. The Islanders will be willing to pay the cost of living to continue to stay. And the prices you order from them will be more according to the city’s development level. So the more prosperous your city, the higher your income from the city. You can continue to use the money collected from the people to modernize your city further. The more income from residents, the more you can invest in many city items. You aim to build a city empire on the island and don’t forget to perfect it.

Village Island City Simulation mod apk

You have begun the process of expanding your village since becoming a manager. This place has the potential to grow into a thriving city, and you want to exploit this. So you will build more buildings to give the city a modern look. However, it would be best to begin building by exploring the island to unlock the land. New lands will provide you with more space to build buildings freely. And the source of income from the city’s residents will be the backing for you to continue to thrive. Download Village Island City Simulation mod to successfully carry out the goal of building a town on the island.

How to Download & Install Village Island City Simulation MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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