Labyrinth of the Witch MOD APK 1.3.12 (Unlimited Gold/Medals/Unlocked All Heroes/Dungeons)

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NameLabyrinth of the Witch APK
PublisherORANGE CUBE, Inc.
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold/Medals/Unlocked All Heroes/Dungeons
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Explore mazes of witches and battle dangerous monsters in the Labyrinth of the Witch. Your goal is to find as much wealth as possible by entering the dungeons. You are the witches, and we welcome you to dangerous trials deep in the dungeon. But the monster will be what the witches must confront to overcome the journey. You can dodge the monsters to get out of the place safely. However, you will be more glorious if you bravely confront each encounter with monsters. Become a powerful wizard and enter the maze filled with dungeons to conquer them all.

Witches like you who enter the dungeon will face a test of your strength. A witch is more potent than a human and so unique that even the monsters will be stronger. In addition, there are obstacles that the dungeon sets up to stand in your way. The progress of the witches will increase gradually after entering the dark dungeon. And all obstacles will motivate witches to perfect their magical power against monsters. Combat safety measures are essential, especially when your witch is just starting. Use weapons, fight like a true wizard, and take on all the monsters.

Labyrinth of the Witch mod

Download Labyrinth of the Witch mod – Break through the monster labyrinth

The journey of adventure always attracts anyone in the world, and so do witches. Ordinary people are attracted to new things out there and go exploring. They will feel new secrets and improve their knowledge more and more. For witches, what attracts discovery is the test of their power. They can use magic, so everyday difficulties won’t be able to trouble them. So the land of the labyrinth is the best place for witches to conduct their training. So start becoming a wizard and quest to clear the maze of monsters.

Labyrinth of the Witch android 1

Challenging dungeon

The dungeons where your witch enters will have the same murky look as regular dungeons. That means you can get the witches in and out of place in various ways. But only one way can help you, and the wizards can become more and more perfect. It is about overcoming internal obstacles and defeating monster opponents. You and the wizards will gradually learn a new magical fighting style. The monsters within could not hinder the witch’s hold on magic. Instead, go on a campaign with witches and fight monsters most safely.

Labyrinth of the Witch apk

Powerful witch

You are the controller of the witches, and they will show you their inner power. That’s the way to master combat weapons, from swords to wands. All combat actions of the witch will be controlled and monitored by you everywhere. The witches changing weapons will help them explore the dungeons more closely. The advancement in the use of weapons will help you protect the witch and further. The road ahead will not allow witches of weak strength to overcome monsters. Accompany witches and train a powerful magic user from the labyrinth.

Labyrinth of the Witch free

Endless journey

Your wizard has begun his journey with weak strength and may face defeat. But that only makes the witches seek more determination in their journey. Failure won’t be as scary as being unable to get up from where the witch fell. Being kicked out of a dungeon is not the end for the witch but the journey’s beginning. The combat experience has been recorded, and it will be easier to return to the dungeon. Overcome the weakness within the witches and continue the endless journey through the labyrinth. Monster land with a chaotic labyrinth will be the best test for witches to prove their strength.

Labyrinth of the Witch mod apk

The labyrinth has always been a place to test people in terms of their brains and strength. And for witches, the land of the labyrinth is the right place to practice magic. Powerful spells were only found when they were cornered in fierce monster combat. You have had the opportunity to accompany the witch; all you need to do is enter the challenging dungeon. Powerful wizards will be trained from mastering the use of weapons to magic. Failure is just the beginning of an endless journey that challenges all mages. Download Labyrinth of the Witch mod to enter the labyrinthine land full of monsters and destroy them all.

Download Labyrinth of the Witch MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Medals/Unlocked All Heroes/Dungeons) for Android

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