Unknown Heroes Idle MOD APK (Unlimited money, stones, ores) 1.2.51

Updated 06/03/2022 (2 years ago)
NameUnknown Heroes Idle APK
PublisherSample games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, stones, ores
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Unknown Heroes Idle

Knights always have their name, but the heroes in Unknown Heroes Idle are precisely the opposite. They don’t have a specific name and only have a mission to fight to protect what is right. Surely the adventure in this game will not be accessible at all. Gather the strongest unknown heroes to fight. Fight dangerous enemies on a simple screen ride. Pixel graphics are not a degradation but a standout feature. Players will have a new experience to develop their warriors.

One of the rare titles with simple pixel graphics, but the image quality in combat is very quality and undisputed. You will inadvertently witness a lot of significant skill effects while fighting. The whole adventure of the player is to collect heroes. As I said, they don’t have a specific name. That’s why we have no way to call them. The difference in strength and form is the only thing you distinguish between heroes. It doesn’t matter, start fighting and get to know them now.

Unknown Heroes Idle mod

Download Unknown Heroes Idle mod – Side by side with unnamed heroes

Each character of Unknown Heroes Idle has its role in the battle. It’s also the only thing we use to distinguish warriors. Their shape is also designed very well with strength. Get to know the samurai, paladins, alchemists, dark knights, wizards of light, unknown people with white bodies symbolise the whole game. To get them, you need to go through the summoning system. This is entirely up to your luck. Owning any hero can help you fight effectively. Do not underestimate the power of any hero.

All heroes will fight together on the horizontal screen. Move continuously from left to right to encounter enemies. Heroes will automatically attack, only skills you will be responsible for activating. Adventure across the ruined wasteland. There are many forces out there that are expanding and causing death everywhere. Life is waiting to be saved by the power of heroes.

Unknown Heroes Idle mod apk

Get to know the heroes

To get along with the unsung heroes, let’s learn their strengths and characteristics. Almost all of them have no obvious origin. However, the heroes are all aiming for the common goal of protecting the world from evil forces. The female magician who uses fire with the prominent red outfit makes it stand out. She can create firestorms that sweep away all enemies. The mysterious shadow warrior always hides his true power. He only unleashed his full potential when he was in danger. Or the unsung hero with the game’s iconic white suit. Anyone is powerful and accompanies you.

Unknown Heroes Idle mod free

Do combined weapons create weapons?

Indeed you do not feel too strange with this mechanism. Many games have been based on combining weapons to create entirely new weapons. The primary weapons will help the hero get the required damage in the early stages. The later the monster becomes stronger, you will need to upgrade that equipment. Combine two identical swords to create a more extensive and higher-level sword. The same weapons can be upgraded as well. Where will you find the weapons? These weapons will drop while fighting monsters. Please do not ignore them to strengthen the hero.

A dangerous, mysterious force

All monsters in Unknown Heroes Idle come from unknown places. They appear randomly and continuously around the world and kingdom you are in. They instil fear in the creatures here and bring everything to death. That’s why the unknown heroes appeared here and started fighting. The enemy has messy monsters, but real villain generals also lead them. Those are the bosses you and the heroes have to confront throughout the game. All believe in the strength of the hero, the intelligent command from you.

Unknown Heroes Idle mod apk free

Summon unnamed heroes to fight together in the dark world. Clever power-ups for resource-free weapon upgrades. Enter the wars with hundreds of fearsome forces from chaos. Only you and the heroes can save this world. Let’s join Unknown Heroes Idle mod now. Complete your mission to protect the world from doom.

How to Download & Install Unknown Heroes Idle MOD APK (Unlimited money, stones, ores) for Android


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