Ultimate Bowmasters MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.1.1

Updated 10/05/2024 (2 months ago)
NameUltimate Bowmasters APK
PublisherPlaygendary Limited
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Ultimate Bowmasters

Ultimate Bowmasters MOD APK (Unlimited money) is a PvP back-and-forth action game. Set in cartoon characters to reduce the horror feeling when going through bloody battles. This is a new chapter released by the manufacturer after the success of the hit Bowmasters series. Although coming later, Ultimate Bowmasters was released as a standalone, not an upgrade. That said, the gameplay of Ultimate Bowmasters still retains the same style as the original. Players can choose one of the game’s characters. Then choose a weapon and participate in the battle to defeat the opponent on the opposite side.

Because the gameplay is entertaining, focusing mainly on the exact speed. That’s why the process of being injured or dying peels off. The player’s gore shot does not bring a sense of disgust or horror. In each level, the player has to deal with different enemies. They appear as dummies, attacking the player in turn. The difficulty of the levels will naturally increase as you play. Based on the health column at the top, keep an eye on whether you or the enemy are dying. There is a character image to help players easily distinguish. There is also a picture of two yellow arrows interlaced between the two people’s blood columns.

Ultimate Bowmasters android

Download Ultimate Bowmasters mod – Bloody battle between familiar characters

When participating in the fight, Ultimate Bowmasters APK mod gives you a weapon corresponding to the character. The battle takes place in turn between you and the enemy. If it’s your time to shoot, aim for the correct angle and force so that the weapon can accurately hit the enemy. The operation to get the angle is quite simple. The player needs to touch the screen. Move your hand up or down or left and right to choose the right angle. The line of sight is simulated by the white dashed line. It only extends a segment into not pointing straight at the target. Based on your perspective, release your hand to let the weapon fly towards the enemy. The shot force and angle are displayed right above the character’s head.

Ultimate Bowmasters apk free

Character system

With an action game like this, Ultimate Bowmasters APK 1.1.1 offers a diverse and familiar character system. There are characters that appeared in the original, but there are also many new characters added. Gather more than 60 different characters. The school girl wears a purple uniform with striking pink hair. Black policeman with blue clothes and bright white teeth. Explorer boy with yellow shirt and red scarf. Purple robot with a skull head. The silver-haired doctor specializes in scientific research. And there are countless other characters with different names that exist in Ultimate Bowmasters.

Ultimate Bowmasters apk


The variety of characters Ultimate Bowmasters MOD APK brings along with the arsenal of weapons is also massively equipped. They all have different characteristics and destructive power. The more gold the weapon costs to buy, the better the combat ability, from combat power to accuracy. Anything can become a weapon here. Brown inanimate rugby ball. The needle contained a pink drug. Hai Long’s massive trident. Or the shovel, the potion, the bomb, … To discover their power and destructive power. Unlock these weapons to learn the necessary information. The greater the destructive power, the faster the enemy will die in a few turns.

Ultimate Bowmasters mod

Battle Area

The battle terrain is spread over a stretch of road anywhere. Depending on the time you join the battle, it can be day or night. A red strip of land with gold bones and skulls of all kinds. Or deep forest with a series of luxuriant trees. If the enemy stands too far away or too close. Can move forward or backward for easy aiming. The character’s distance will be recorded in the right corner if the enemy is too far away to appear on the screen. Chaos ensued at the beginning of the war. Anytime you or an enemy is hit by a weapon, the opponent throws. All of them had blood subtracted from each other and blood splattered from each other’s brains and bodies.

Ultimate Bowmasters mod apk

If you feel too bloody and your shooting skills are not enough. Players can participate in fruit shooting mode. At that time, you can not only earn more money but also train your aiming skills. Fruit will be hung on a tree branch, the player standing under determines the necessary coordinates and direction. Plus, if logged into the game a certain amount of time. For example, 3 hours, you can unlock a treasure chest. It contains rewards such as weapons or energy pills, gold coins. Download Ultimate Bowmasters mod bloody battle takes place between madmen.

How to Download & Install Ultimate Bowmasters MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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