West Gunfighter MOD APK 1.12 (Unlimited Money)

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NameWest Gunfighter APK
PublisherCandy Mobile
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.0+
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Download link is deleted at the request of the publisher. Please install the official version on Google Play.

West Gunfighter allows players to become western cowboys with sultry actions. In the town where you appear there are many bad guys armed there are riots everywhere. You are the one to solve such bad guys. With super standard shooting ability, the player will be a famous gunman in the area. The honest people are grateful for your actions, for they are your true heroes. The Western world is always mysterious behind the ordinary scenery, you need to go deep into the town. West Gunfighter always makes players face many gunmen at the same time, quickly pull the trigger to kill to survive.

Just like in western cowboy movies, you can walk or use horses to move. For long distances, horses help shorten the time quite effectively, you will reach the destination you want faster. In addition, you can also fight the enemy right on the saddle. The posture is always the character of the character. The town’s wide space adventures lead you to many interesting places. It’s not like the adventure of Dead Cells, players are constantly facing the enemy and the story of this game is also an interesting thing.

West Gunfighter mod apk

Download West Gunfighter MOD APK – Western cowboys and gunfights

Freedom to do what you want as true cowboys. Visit a place in town for horse racing, darts, shooting beer, … With West Gunfighter’s instructions, you need to go to the location on the map. Remember that when you want to use a horse, you just need to whistle it will be there immediately. Just like anywhere, the town also has a hidden corner that ordinary people hardly recognize. Those are the places where the bad guys are present, you haven’t even been able to understand why. If this is the case, the only way is to hold the gun to make them pay the price. In addition to fighting the bad guys, West Gunfighter also has many things for players to explore.

Clothes – Choose a character outfit

Changing a few new clothes easily makes your cowboy style more attractive. Maybe it makes the girls in town lose sleep. Hats, pants, shirts, glasses … it is an item you have for players to choose from. Pull to the right, there are truly classy items for players to choose. Machinist Hat, Gunslinger, Striped Pants, Mexican, these are all items to help you get a new look. With a good physique, do not be afraid to spend money to buy clothes.

Weapons – Many guns for you

Most of the guns you see in West Gunfighter are pistols, which is understandable because the game is built on the image of a western cowboy. Colt, Derringer, Remington, a few popular guns for players when starting. In addition, Double Schofield, Riot Shotgun, or UTS-22 Shotgun are also options to consider. Another important thing is to upgrade weapons. Change the Power, Ammo, Range, Fire Rate, and Reload stats, you will fight better. Also, use extra knives because melee weapons are always needed in some situations, such as running out of ammo. William, Calvera, Clanton, Little Bill are all sharp knives, ending the enemy quickly at close range.

West Gunfighter mod

Horses – The main means of transportation

A symbol associated with western cowboys, horses serve as a means of transportation for the character. Players can move with leisurely or fast style at will. Quarter, Warmblood, Mustang, Trotter, … are all good horses. Speed, Stamina, Accel are the basic parameters for you to analyze when choosing horses.

Supplies – Where to buy basic items

Players can buy bullets for each type of gun such as Pistol, Shotgun, Rilfe, or Blood Vial, Big Blood Vial. Choose what’s missing so that the fight goes as planned and is under control.

Chest – Open the chest for a valuable item

Wooden, Sliver, Bronze, Golden are 4 types of ark you can open with gold or diamonds. Many random items such as weapons, money, … are yours to open. Maybe you own something without having to spend a lot of money on its price. West Gunfighter MOD by GameDVA gives players the freedom to shop everything in the store they want. You can set it up to get the most expensive items.

West Gunfighter mod download

West Gunfighter is for cowboys with a cool appearance but good human nature. With the ability to shoot fast, you always make opponents be surprised when hit. Unlike games like Punch Hero, when using predictable and avoiding skills, the speed of bullets flying here is completely different. Download West Gunfighter MOD to make the town more peaceful in the absence of bad guys.

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