U-Dictionary MOD APK 6.4.5 (VIP Unlocked)

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NameU-Dictionary APK
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MOD FeaturesVIP Unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Today, the use of foreign languages ​​is increasingly popular. Translating international documents is also in need of supporting applications. If you are constantly dealing with documents, the U-Dictionary is the solution. The application has the function of translating documents from languages ​​in many countries. Is a useful application for you. Doesn’t make you have a headache when translating difficult sentences anymore. Helps you confidently communicate as well as answer questions with native speakers. U-Dictionary gives you more language knowledge. Have a better platform for accessing and translating foreign languages. This is considered an application equipped with many effective language skills.

U-Dictionary is your soulmate to conquer knowledge with you. With the ability to translate up to 58 languages ​​in the world. Amazing, right? Helps you to reduce worry when faced with a bunch of documents that do not know how to translate. Convenient for studying, working as well as visiting tourism with foreigners. Certainly, the companion U-Dictionary will add positive energy. Get rid of the stress, no more language headache. Not owning the application on your device is too expensive! U-Dictionary will certainly bring many outstanding benefits for users.

U Dictionary mod

Download U-Dictionary mod – Translation of languages ​​around the world

It’s free for users to use. Up to now, U-Dictionary has been widely used. Because of the benefits as well as efficiency brought to the user. Gives trust and needs to everyone. Translate from Vietnamese into many other languages ​​in the world. Being able to translate from text or images is very convenient. U-Dictionary is easy to use and suitable for most users. Now, creating and translating documents is no longer a concern. Quickly translate documents with U-Dictionary with you. Quickly install the application to use all the features that U-Dictionary has!

U Dictionary mod free

Use when offline

Even if your device is not connected to the internet, you can still access it normally. This is also one of the great advantages of U-Dictionary. Learning foreign languages, translating circular documents… Maybe when used without the network, the content will be more restricted. But that doesn’t mean it’s ineffective. When using the internet, the words you translate will also be richer. U-Dictionary still provides full results when you look up if using without internet.

U Dictionary mod download

Look up the dictionary

U-Dictionary is a huge dictionary, allowing you to look up new words. Look up different long and short sentences or a certain word. The application will translate to the language you want. Each context of a sentence will have a different meaning. Therefore, the translated word will depend on the circumstances of that sentence. With a large number of words for you to look up, it’s helpful, isn’t it? No need to spend any money to buy a dictionary or go to the library to search. U-Dictionary is a miniature, versatile dictionary right on your mobile device. What are you waiting for without installing the application right away!

U Dictionary mod apk

Translated through images, voice

Another useful feature of the application is image and voice translation. Press to select the camera and take a photo of the text you want to translate. Such as a billboard, a flyer, a menu … U-Dictionary will automatically translate and recognize the language on the image. Doesn’t take time to copy and still translate quickly. Users should set up to allow camera access when using the application. Choose the sharpest image for highly effective translation results.

U-Dictionary for translation when recognizing your own voice too. If you are too lazy to not want to take pictures of some text. Then this is an effective solution for you. Select to speak and pronounce the part you need to translate. Of course, it is also necessary to pronounce it so that the application is not misinterpreted. This is also a way to improve foreign language pronunciation skills. Chat with foreigners via U-Dictionary, the app will re-translate so you don’t have trouble communicating.

U Dictionary mod android

It can be said that U-Dictionary is a great application with many outstanding functions. Promote your own language skills, look up words quickly. Downloading the U-Dictionary mod to learn a foreign language has never been easier!

Download U-Dictionary MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) for Android

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