Battery Guru MOD APK (Premium unlocked)

Updated 19/03/2024 (4 weeks ago)
NameBattery Guru APK
MOD FeaturesPremium unlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Battery Guru

Using the device with the best battery life is a problem that everyone often encounters. Together with Battery Guru MOD APK (Premium unlocked), manage and offer the best solutions for you. Help save equipment and prolong the use time more than before. Detect and stop software that is silently consuming power. Make a specific plan to change the habits that cause the device to fall into a weak state. Make improvements for a better experience.

There are many battery management devices on the market, but they are often ineffective. That’s why Battery Guru APK mod is a top choice for your device. With a simple method of operation, but highly effective. Help users can thoroughly manage their battery power. Provide optimal solutions for devices that often encounter low battery situations. An intelligent and must-have app on your device.

Battery Guru mod

Download Battery Guru mod – Optimize your device’s battery life

Each device will have a limited capacity for its battery. Depending on the design, the battery life may be more or less and depending on users’ needs. Devices with low battery capacity often suffer more than ever. That’s why we will need the help of Battery Guru APK To be able to use it, you will have to grant some necessary permissions for it. Then Battery Guru will start to manage your device quickly. Close all applications you are not using and running in the background. Optimize battery life for maximum efficiency and help you use your device longer.

Outstanding Features

Battery Guru MOD APK will measure and display the actual battery capacity that the device has. Delivers per-charge reports and measures temperature during charging for your safety. It is possible to estimate a specific charging time and accurately determine when the charge is complete. Notifies you of the remaining battery life and reminds you when to charge. Moreover, you can turn this screen off or on if you want. It will bring many detailed content notifications overtime for you. Estimate your device’s sleep and wake times accurately and quickly. Enjoy longer-lasting use of your device than ever before.

Battery Guru mod free

Charge and consume

This is an activity that takes place continuously on the device with the needs of each user. Battery Guru will give you a list of specific statistics about your activities. It also displays basic information about the battery such as percentage, temperature, status, etc… If the battery is too degraded, it will not be safe, and the system will issue an important warning. When the storm drains too quickly for a few minutes, there is bound to be a problem. The app will perform battery-specific checks and error messages. Get the information you need quickly and plan your device’s battery. Take a look at the history to get a better idea of ​​your activities.

Battery protection

Battery Guru offers a feature called protection for each user. In this setting, you can set temperature and charge limit notifications. The system will report the condition to you each time the battery becomes overheated or fully charged. Avoid situations where the battery may explode and endanger the user. Minimize unwanted battery life by interrupting charging promptly. The more careful you are in using your device, the longer you will take care of it. Even with just a tiny movement, the device can be easily protected. Give up bad habits in use and start paying more attention to the device.

Battery Guru mod apk

Doze feature

You want your battery to be saved to a moderate level and not too weak. Enable Battery Guru’s Doze feature. It will limit the device’s power to an expected average and not increase its working capacity. Make it consume less battery capacity while you turn off the screen. There is also a doze mode to quickly put the phone to sleep. Use this feature actively so as not to waste energy on redundant operations. You will be surprised when the battery life is improved excellently.

Take action now to minimize the potential for excessive battery consumption. Help avoid dangers and protect yourself. Be smart, and with Battery Guru mod, bring adequate savings.

How to Download & Install Battery Guru MOD APK (Premium unlocked) for Android


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