True God – Idle RPG MOD APK (Unlimited Currency) 1.8.3

Updated 17/10/2023 (8 months ago)
NameTrue God – Idle RPG APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Currency
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK True God – Idle RPG

Gain divine power to fight ferocious monsters in True God – Idle RPG. You will fight in the position of those with the most potent power. They are the gods of war and were born to overcome all wars. And with their strength, they are sent to protect humanity from lurking dangers. This place is dangerous when many cruel creatures appear and surround it. They want to isolate the world and gradually destroy people until they ultimately invade. But you will control the war gods to protect the world from dangers.

The land inhabited by humans has always been a target that brutal forces want to attack. The reason is that people develop too quickly, and their achievements can threaten them. So hostile forces always want to stop people and destroy the world. But this place is protected by war gods with special powers. Those people have divine power and will keep the world safe. And you will feel honored to join these gods to prevent monsters from invading the world. Fight powerful gods against hordes of cruel monsters that want to destroy humans.

True God Idle RPG android

Download True God – Idle RPG mod – Fight with the gods to protect the world

You will witness the most brutal battles when humanity is in danger. They will have to fight the cruel creatures with aggressive appearances attacking the world. Their goal is to destroy all humanity and destroy all human achievements. But the supreme beings created humanity, and they will not be able to let humans be destroyed. So the gods of war were summoned to protect the human world. And you will be fighting with them in battles against brutal monsters. Defend the world against destructive attacks with the power of powerful gods.

True God Idle RPG apk

The danger of the world

Humans are continuing their development path in an extraordinary universe. The supreme being created them, and their life was given through the ages of development. So man can maintain his life on the planet without any danger. However, the appearance of humans makes the evil forces feel the danger. They think that their presence may threaten their existence in the future. So the evil forces have begun to attack the world with cruel monsters. The danger of the world has appeared, and you must fight to keep this place safe.

True God Idle RPG free

Gods of war

You are a world member and see how it has changed. They were created by people with supreme power and empowered to develop the world. However, in the eyes of cruel creatures, humans are the delicious prey they must have. And they have officially attacked the human world with waves of cruel monsters. So to keep them safe, you need to summon strong people to defend. They are gods born for war and will join you in protecting humans. Lead an army of powerful gods to destroy the monsters that threaten the world.

True God Idle RPG mod apk

World of protection

Waves of monsters are constantly breaking into the human world and starting to wreak havoc. They want to stop the development of the world and will crush everything, including humans. Aware of humans’ danger, you have been given ultimate power. And that was the ability to lead powerful gods to stop the waves of destructive monsters. They will use their war abilities to fight with you with powerful equipment. However, the wave of monsters will not stop coming, and you need to upgrade your gods. Join the fight to protect the world with powerful gods to keep humanity safe.

True God Idle RPG mod

You have joined the war in the human world in a new universe with unique abilities. It was to summon the gods of war to protect people from danger. It is the horde of monsters destroying the other world that is the enemy you need to destroy. They have posed an unprecedented risk to the world and humanity in need. So you will join the war gods you collect to prevent monsters from rushing. They have special powers and will use their weapons to fight in the fight to protect people. Download True God – Idle RPG mod to fight against waves of monsters and powerful gods.

How to Download & Install True God – Idle RPG MOD APK (Unlimited Currency) for Android


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