Trekarta APK 2024.03.22

Updated 23/03/2024 (1 month ago)
NameTrekarta APK
PublisherAndrey Novikov
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SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Trekarta

Every time you go hiking, climbing, or on long-distance trips, don’t forget Trekarta MOD APK with you. The map application on the market is extremely popular and can always be found. However, the quality or not depends on what they bring to the user. Trekarta is an example of a suitable app even if you are looking for directions or traveling. Its small size is not an important issue. It is currently of interest to help users in all cases where they need to locate.

Trekarta APK 2024.03.22 is an offline map with a worldwide scale. That means you can use it to go anywhere, not even needing any network connection during the move. Get precise directions with the built-in compass. Find out where you need to go and tell me how long it will take you to get there. Trekarta is suitable for all kinds of short and long trips. You want to go with your friends to find your way to the restaurant. Or even prepare for a journey around different cities and countries.

Trekarta mod

Download Trekarta APK mod – The most extensive and detailed offline map

A large map without limits is the main interface of Trekarta MOD APK. But, of course, what it was showing on the screen were the lands on the globe. Make sure you have geolocation enabled on your smartphone. Trekarta will then display your live location on the screen. Tells you clearly where you are and what the neighborhoods are like. We will use it as a normal navigation application. Or, if you’re preparing for a long trip, select the modes for the vehicle you’ll be traveling in. Your journey will also be recorded for future use. There are all five main functions displayed on the main screen of Trekarta.

Find and save places

With the most basic usage, nothing will be too complicated and confusing. You will search for locations that need to be moved repeatedly by typing keywords related to the name of that location in the search bar. The results will gradually appear for you to filter and choose. After finding those locations, immediately bookmark them. So when you find your way, you don’t need to find those places again. It also creates a habit if you go back and forth a lot. You will surely remember these places very quickly without locating any more.

Trekarta mod apk

Vehicle-specific mode

For long trips, things will be a bit larger in scale. However, bigger does not mean more complex. You must choose the means of transport that you will use to move. Be it hiking, biking, skiing, or other vehicles suitable for diverse terrain. Because these vehicles all have their modes, and when you choose which mode, the system will automatically suggest the right roads for you to travel by that vehicle. All will lead to the destination most safely and conveniently.

Weather and location sharing

Weather conditions are also a concern when you move away. Because if there is bad weather on the way, the whole trip may be cancelled. So be prepared in advance and consider the weather. Pay attention to the temperature in the areas you are going through; if the weather is good and favorable, ready to leave. Otherwise, consider and move safely or change the route. You can save the location and temperature for your friends and store it in secure cloud browsers.

Trekarta mod apk free

Travel safely no matter where you are and what the terrain is like. Refer to the routes dedicated to suitable and convenient means of transport. Trekarta mod keeps you safe on every trip to satisfy your freedom.

How to Download & Install Trekarta APK for Android


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