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Screen capture is an operation that is so familiar to any mobile device user. But have you ever wondered what more you can do while taking screenshots? Surely Screenshot Easy Pro will give you the answer. That’s right; it’s just an application that supports screen capture. There are many more functions hidden behind that you can’t imagine. Not only screen capture, but it also supports screen recording. Then again, a feature that almost every phone has. Why do you have to download to do anything else? If it were as simple as that, perhaps Screenshot Easy Pro would not have been born.

In addition to capturing and recording the screen, Screenshot Easy Pro has more uses than you think. We need these small tasks in many cases to find the essential things. But then you have no way to copy it. That’s when you use screen capture or screen recording to store them. With Screenshot Easy Pro, you won’t just do those things. It will be much more complex and versatile to serve you in many jobs.

Screenshot Easy Pro mod

Download Screenshot Easy Pro mod – More than taking screenshots

When using the screen capture and recording functions available on smartphones, you can only do it quickly. However, sometimes the needs of users are difficult to satisfy. They want more parts than just shooting, filming, and editing. So Screenshot Easy Pro was born to do just that. Provides more tasks than functions available on smartphones and makes you feel like you’re really in control of your phone. Unlike the essential operation, you will use the virtual keys on the screen to capture it.

More specifically, it can only be used with Android devices. Supports taking pictures of any size. Easily share with friends quickly and accurately. If you think this application can access user information, it is not. Fully meet the specific security, and you will not be able to take any information from such a harmless application. Enough time to edit and produce quality screenshots. However, taking screenshots is only for work. However, you are still allowed to edit them most creatively.

Screenshot Easy Pro mod apk

Capture various elements

Two essential things in Screenshot Easy Pro are screen capture and screen recording. Indeed this is obvious because they are the most basic function. Not too much to talk about, but more comprehensive. After capturing and recording the screen, you can edit it immediately and create an entirely new work on your screen. Followed by two additional features are Website Screenshot and scrolling screen capture. Website Screenshot is something you can use to save web pages in great detail. While scrolling, the screen capture will capture the broadest possible screen as your finger moves.

Screenshot Easy Pro mod apk free

Working with photos and videos

Once we have captured or recorded the smartphone’s screen, we will start editing it. The editing tools are also excellent when we can draw on photos or videos. Trim it to skip the unimportant parts. Add icons and effects to make your photos and videos enjoyable. Change the format as needed to fit your work. Then save it in a library that you can use to upload anywhere. For video, sound is also an essential factor. That’s why Screenshot Easy Pro can’t be ignored. Audio editing is also added for maximum perfection.

Screenshot Easy Pro mod free

Share with friends

Your work can be left alone for self-admiration. Or you can share it with your friends and relatives. This application will be very suitable for those who regularly post photos on social networks. You can tell your friends more about Screenshot Easy Pro so they can come and create their beautiful images. Although it is a smartphone screen capture, there are no limits to creativity. Release any fatigue in the body after a working day to experience your unlimited imagination.

Screenshot Easy Pro free

At first glance, I think it’s simply a phone screen capture application. Screenshot Easy Pro has more than you can imagine creating amazing photos and videos. This makes you want to take more screenshots and videos than usual. Stimulate creativity to the highest limit of users with Screenshot Easy Pro mod.

Download Screenshot Easy Pro APK for Android

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