Training Hero MOD APK 7.8.2 (Menu, God mode/Damage Multiplier)

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NameTraining Hero APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/Damage Multiplier
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Perform stages to train all heroes to become stronger in Training Hero. You can enter the heroes in the game and bring them to experience different things. For example, it could be a training ground where you can test your heroes against scarecrows. It is also possible that you will compete with other players to compare your abilities. The mighty creatures of this brave world will also be a challenge on your way to strength, where heroes must be strengthened to discover things differently constantly. So what makes you stand out in your power? There are heroes everywhere.

Strength will not come naturally but will take a period of practice to develop. Heroes are also not suddenly strong but must go through fierce battles. You will have the opportunity to find a particular strength for your heroes. By experiencing conflicts, you can practice skills to strengthen the person you play with. Training fields help heroes gain strength, and you can challenge them. The potential that heroes hide in their bodies is vast, and time is also what they need to develop. Help heroes find the power deep in their bodies and train them to be stronger.

Training Hero android

Download Training Hero mod – Find and train the heroes’ strength

Each person has within them a strength that only they can fully develop. And the heroes gained even more power than all the commoners combined. But not every hero can find a way to discover them on their own but need guidance. You are the chosen one to help the heroes find their instincts from battle. You are the one who knows heroes have hidden powers, and you need to help them unleash them. A training journey with potential heroes promises many difficulties ahead. Accompany whichever hero chooses you on their path of self-discovery.

Training Hero free

Training mod

You have chosen one of the heroes, and practice is the best method. To understand the nature of powers, heroes must fight them in practice matches. The mannequins will be best for you and the hero to use the control freely. They will be the thing that always helps heroes test their strength level. The appearance of the mannequin will be the ladder for you to evaluate the strength of the heroes. A straw mannequin that proves the hero’s strong history has not been discovered yet. Evolve your heroes to get more power and test it in training mode with the figures.

Training Hero mod apk

Coordination of equipment

A hero also needs to own equipment to demonstrate his superior strength. The heroes you play as can be outfitted based on their attributes after training. You’ve figured out what kind of power your hero is, and it’s time to find equipment. Heroes can collect hundreds of items that are more powerful than everyone else. But what limits them is the strength they have just discovered from the training regimes. You cannot give heroes legendary items when they have just gained base power. So level up your heroes and prepare them for the most powerful combos.

Training Hero mod

Challenging strength

Heroes need challenges to unlock their strengths in combat continually. And with your ability, you can lead each hero you role-play and perform a challenge. It could lead them to participate in training sessions to test their strength. Or you can show them and the land of dragons to challenge powerful sacred dragons. They will be the perfect challenge because defeating them proves you are strong enough. Heroes also can compete with each other in this world full of heroes. Arenas are permanently established when heroes want to compete in fighting skills and strength.

Training Hero apk

A world with many heroes who have more power than humans but also have different people. These individuals have yet to find strength in themselves and need help. The person who can do this for them is you when you have a talent for discovery. A training mode with dummies has been created, and just the heroes come in. The equipment is already collected and only needs the hero to reach the power threshold to own. Each map area to challenge the hero’s strength is still waiting. Download Training Hero mod to take on heroes and perform quests to help them unleash their power.

Download Training Hero MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Damage Multiplier) for Android

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