Train Simulator PRO MOD APK (Unlimited money/Unlocked trains) 1.6

Updated 31/03/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameTrain Simulator PRO APK
PublisherMageeks Apps & Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/Unlocked trains
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Train Simulator PRO

Train Simulator PRO MOD APK (Unlimited money/Unlocked trains) is where you can test your skills in controlling transport trains. You will fulfill your dream of becoming an engineer in train design missions. You will then control them through transport journeys across routes. And because there are a lot of goods on the ship, you need to be very careful on your cargo journeys. In the process, you can admire different scenery traveling around the United States. Therefore, you will have the most exciting experiences when controlling a train pulling freight cars. Get ready before your transport mission across different lands on tracks.

Your task on transport journeys is to drive vehicles with powerful engines. But they cannot run on normal roads and need rails to move. So you need to be careful in your train driving tasks on journeys. If a mistake occurs, your challenge will fail, and you will not gain credibility. And to avoid that situation from happening, you need to practice your trained driving and control skills. This way, you can gradually master your shipping career and become successful. Start the challenge of carrying everything in the United States using your train system.

Train Simulator PRO mod

Download Train Simulator PRO APK mod – Experience and explore the missions of transporting goods by train

You will begin your transportation journeys around the United States with the train system. And the part you control is the train tractors with powerful engines and capabilities. Then you can pull passenger cars or transport all kinds of goods. But your train system has not been fully expanded in the initial stages. Furthermore, they have not been upgraded to be capable of conquering all transport journeys. So, you must develop your career with business and cargo transportation talent. Challenge your train control missions to overcome all the challenging routes.

Train Simulator PRO apk

Unlock the train cars

To be able to participate in transport journeys, you need to unlock the main train cars. This main part controls the rear carriages moving on the journey. And this world provides you with 6 locomotives with distinct designs for you to experience. At each journey, you can continuously change between them for more unique views. But the controls between them are similar, and you only need to master one. In addition to the main train car, you can unlock 14 details, including passenger and cargo cars. Unlock all train cars and perfect your transportation system in the Train Simulator PRO APK 1.6.

Train Simulator PRO mod apk

Explore journeys

You will admire the scenery from the train car as the transportation process begins. That’s when you take on the task of driving the train to discovery locations to pick up passengers. Or you will transport freight cars at ports and deliver them to the required location. No matter what, you will experience interesting and diverse journeys. There are 15 developed cities for you to explore during your cruise. And you will cross over 1000 square miles to be able to adventure this entire world. Drive freight trains through different stops in the United States.

Train Simulator PRO free

Conquer the transportation career

The objects you transport on challenging journeys can be customers or goods. Customers will have more opportunities to see this world from the train carriage when carrying passengers. As for carrying goods, you will only move along a certain route. But all journeys will help you have unique experiences and feelings of adventure. And at the end of your transport mission, you can receive a worthy bonus. Then, use your wages to unlock more train cars and add them to the transportation system. Successfully build a transportation business with the diverse train system you own.

Train Simulator PRO android

You will drive freight trains on journeys that cross shipping routes. They are locomotives that will pull fast carriages on challenging journeys. Then, it would be best to control the speed to ensure the transport process does not make mistakes. And when you overcome challenging missions, you can receive rewards for yourself. You can then develop your transport career by purchasing additional carriages and tracks. So, with your talent, you are confident you can gradually achieve that goal. Download Train Simulator PRO MOD APK to conquer transportation missions using the train system.

How to Download & Install Train Simulator PRO MOD APK (Unlimited money/Unlocked trains) for Android


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