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Updated 20/01/2024 (1 month ago)
NameTownship APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.2+
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Introduce MOD APK Township

Township lets you build a dream city with farms and modern buildings. You will plant seeds, and raise animals to profit to develop your land. The player who heads the town plans and delivers the work to others. Growing rice, raising dairy cows, every place is waiting for your direction. Township is for visionary people to take the city to the next level. This is not just a place for agriculture, factories, supply chains will gradually appear. Expanding the area by cutting trees in the forest, you will have more land to build. Turn this land into the busiest center of attraction.

Combining the daily work of agriculture with the modern system, you need to build a town with many items. Township is not completely focused on any one feature. You need to know everything if you want this place to thrive further. From planting, raising animals, building new constructions, delivering goods, it’s all a separate field. But for Township players, they will have experience in the game screen of this game. However, it must be admitted that the farm is the place to help the city with the initial foundations for development.

Township mod

Download Township MOD – Build the city from your farm

There are many familiar crops to farmers in Township. Rice, corn, potatoes, carrots, and many other crops. Expand the plots to harvest more crops. The growth process of each type of tree is usually very short, pay attention to the time to harvest the most numbers. It should not be interrupted between harvesting and seeding, so it is very wasteful. Besides, the lovely animals like dairy cows also bring no less profit. Feed them straw, and collect milk, processing it into dishes or sell immediately. Every harvest you can make money in different ways.

Diversified crops and animals

Mostly, Township has plants and animals close to everyday life. Wheat, carrots, corn, sheep, dairy cows, chickens, … surely no one is new to these varieties and plants. Post-harvest products will be the raw material for processing other foods like bread. If you are a person who often sells agricultural products in stock then you should not pay attention to this. But the processing of new dishes based on harvested produce enhances the experience. From there, players can expand new buildings in the city.

Become the supply chain of goods

Harvesting from crops and livestock in Township you do not need to worry about inventory. Whenever desired, players can immediately sell agricultural products with fixed prices from the beginning. Work hard and become a leader in supplying reputable items in the region.

Township mod apk

Innovative transportation

If the freight trains don’t surprise you, Township has a shipping helicopter too. Players can use it to deliver a few farm produce to guests. The people of the city are also excited about helicopters. Every shipment had pictures of waving from them.

Expand and build the city

As more experienced, Township allows players to expand the city with more buildings. From restaurants, movie theaters, breeding camps, or community buildings such as hospitals, police stations. Township is the place for you to build everything to turn purely agricultural land into modern.

Township mod download

Township started with familiar plants and animals. Players will develop the garden into a large city center. Many new projects spring up not only for production but also for entertainment and security. Download Township MOD to get started on-farm jobs and build your dream town.

How to Download & Install Township MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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1 year ago

I got banned
Does anybody know how can i change my account and open the game with another account. I dont know how to do so on xiaomi .