Tower of Winter MOD APK (Menu, Dumd Enemy/Always Critical) 1.4.2 (34.148)

Updated 20/11/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameTower of Winter APK
PublisherTailormade Games
Version1.4.2 (34.148)
MOD FeaturesMenu, Dumd Enemy/Always Critical
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK Tower of Winter

Tower of Winter is a story-driven adventure game popular in the gaming community. As the name suggests, the game opens up a magical winter kingdom. You will play as a brave warrior on a mission to save the domain from the snow queen and her army. This place also has the existence of dangerous monsters, dark witches. Over the centuries, winter covered the kingdom and left it covered with a thick blanket of white snow. Prepared and sectioned challenges are just waiting for you to come and explore—an epic journey to save the world with a logical plot in each chapter, full of strict sequence.

Get to work by climbing the towering tower. The deeper you go inside the tower, the more dangerous traps you can encounter. It is also home to monsters and powerful ancient gods. Your decisions can affect the entire course of the battle. Just one wrong move can make you face instant death. Uncover the mystery behind the tower by answering the questions deep inside you. The journey was not easy because of obstacles like the enemy. Besides, there are pitfalls hidden under the walls.

Tower of Winter mod

Download Tower of Winter – Discover the mystery behind the giant tower that is permanently submerged in a blizzard

After the game’s main plot shows up through a black chat box, the vertical screen is divided into two equal parts, on top of which are your enemies. And below is the hero that you own, along with your skill cards. The attack skill cards are in the form of blue squares. Above is recorded the number of each skill; each time you touch, the number will decrease. You and the enemy have a red horizontal bar above the chat box. Each time each person is attacked, these energy bars will be gradually reduced. When the crossbar is completely exhausted, one of the two must die.

Tower of Winter mod apk

Skill system

You need to deal with a series of dangerous beasts. If you only use basic skills, you can only fight against weak animals. You must always be on high alert after your victories. Players can get skill dump cards that help increase their strength in battle. Depending on the characteristics of the cards, you can use them at the most critical and necessary times. Sword-shaped cards that increase your attack. Or a shield-shaped card that protects you during an attack. There are also cards with the effect of speeding up, adding turns, attacking, healing, … waiting for you to come and use.

Tower of Winter apk


The Tower of Winter is dangerous, filled with mysteries and dark plots. Players can encounter ancient sculpted objects, powerful magic, and even gods by exploring each tower room shrouded in darkness. You can answer the mystery of the never-ending winter. Since then, to save this world, to do, courage is indispensable. For those who are ready, a world of adventure and excitement awaits discovery. You need to constantly fight the demons ahead. Do not falter or compromise because it can completely make you fall behind.

Tower of Winter apk free

Combine elements

The main thing is the combination of role-playing combat elements and text adventure. This means that players need to read the game’s text carefully. Then make the most optimal choices for you in the fight. The game is a turn-based combat system, so you must also make a strategic plan. Either attack quickly, or defend and attack when the enemy doesn’t expect it. The deeper you go inside the tower, the more new skills you can discover for yourself. The journey to the top of the building is not easy. Overcoming many obstacles and traps will help you get closer to victory.

Tower of Winter android

The system of heroes and monsters that Tower of Winter brings is extremely diverse. The romantic hunter has one eye and holds a sharp sword—or the knight with two red swords in both hands and extremely attractive blue eyes. The magical girl with the primary weapon is two moss green skulls in her hands. There is also a girl with green hair, holding an arrow gun in her hand, wearing a majestic guard outfit. Download Tower of Winter mod to explore the mystery behind the never-ending snow-covered tower.

How to Download & Install Tower of Winter MOD APK (Menu, Dumd Enemy/Always Critical) for Android


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