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Cars are now also indispensable means of transportation. Helping people move quickly and easily. To bring benefits to you should be monitored regularly. To maintain the car as well as to ensure safe travel. Avoid having trouble walking on the road. Today, technology is growing day by day. You will not have to go to the car service centres. If you don’t have time. That would be extremely inconvenient and impossible to see the vehicle condition regularly. Then let Torque Pro help you do that. Installed on the tablet and the app will track your vehicle effectively.

Check the condition of your vehicle. Is the materials in the vehicle stable and whether the car’s equipment needs to be replaced. To keep your travels safe. Avoid having trouble on the road. Quickly provide timely solutions to repair the car if necessary. Whether your journey is good or not also depends a lot on the vehicle. Torque Pro is a tool to monitor the vehicle status, the functions of the car. Torque Pro provides features to the user. Use and control the car conveniently. Just connect via smartphone, use with simple steps. Your vehicle will always be tracked for its best.

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Download Torque Pro – Check the car status

Transportation is also an important factor that you need to consider. Decides a lot to each of our lives. If the materials have not been maintained for a long time, deteriorated. When you join the road, it will cause many undesirable cases. The driving skills are good, but the equipment on the vehicle is not guaranteed. For those who own a private vehicle. to be able to control and view the status of their vehicle. Bringing the fastest processing and features to you. The application is really essential for those who own a private car. Frequent travel by car and long-distance travel.

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Test speed

Vehicle speed on the road is a prerequisite for safety. If you go too fast and have no time to deal with obstacles. It will certainly cause serious consequences. Torque Pro features a vehicle speed display. Helps you to adjust and go at the right speed Secure on the road and keep steady while driving. In addition, the application also notifies you when there are problems. All vehicle alerts are sent back to you by Torque Pro. Access all information easily. Sit in the car and watch the speeds move. Recalibrate the steering wheel at the right speed to keep your travels safe.

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Tracking features

Parameters and anything related to the vehicle is clearly displayed by Torque Pro. Based on that, car owners will know how their car is. Are there any problems and need to replace the equipment in the vehicle? Digital clock, speedometer… everything is clearly visible on the app. Convenient to use right on the car, help you check quickly. Whenever the vehicle is not safe. Torque Pro will immediately send you notifications so you know it promptly. Install the app and Torque Pro will monitor the vehicle for you. The rest is that you will drive well to get a smooth ride in your own car.

Outstanding function

Is a utility application with full features coming to users. View any vehicle information and access it easily. For you moving on the vehicle can still be tracked easily. All vehicle-related matters are managed by Torque Pro. Support using voice recognition. Extremely convenient when you are using it while on the go. There are graphs of data for you to see more easily. Fits almost any connected device, displayed on large device screens. The parameters, speed, function of the supplies on the vehicle. Everything will be completely controlled.

Torque Pro app with your vehicle tracking features. To view the status of the vehicle and the necessary equipment. Makes it easy to know what your car is like without going to a car service centre. Download Torque Pro take control of your auto-related issues.

Download Torque Pro APK for Android

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