Top Hero – Tower Defense MOD APK (Free Upgrade) 1.12.05

Updated 20/02/2024 (2 months ago)
NameTop Hero – Tower Defense APK
PublisherBlock Stack
MOD FeaturesFree Upgrade
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Top Hero – Tower Defense

The tactics of games are judged by how effectively the player uses the elements of the game. For the game Top Hero – Tower Defense MOD APK (Free Upgrade), it is you building your warrior squad. Command the battles to bring the most effective victory. That’s right, and this game requires a lot of player strategy. Use thinking to the maximum to complete the tasks. Win battles and bring back the glory of a supreme leader.

Mainly the element of building strongholds to defeat the enemy, here defensive towers are replaced by heroes. And the battlefield did not have many standing points, and only one place was the base. That makes the map strategy and path not featured in Top Hero – Tower Defense APK mod. It is all shown through the warrior’s strength, the combination, and support between the warriors for each other. Countermeasures and a variety of different strategies will be available.

Top Hero Tower Defense mod 1

Download Top Hero – Tower Defense APK 1.12.05 – Defend the stronghold from the evil army

Top Hero – Tower Defense MOD APK Battles are about defending your stronghold and base. Prevents the onslaught of enemies by arranging the squad of warriors reasonably. They will stand in the base and deal continuous damage to the enemy. Each warrior has a surprisingly different attack ability. All together to create the most potent defensive team. Don’t give enemy monsters a chance to enter the city and endanger everyone. With the most attractive and diverse tactics, everything depends on your ultimate intelligence.

In the process of destroying that invading enemy. You are also allowed to upgrade your warriors. Releases firepower and has more severe damage and effects. To quickly destroy the enemy and win the level. Special skills also help you get out of a critical situation when the enemy is close to the base. In general, with all kinds of such mechanisms. You won’t need to worry about the supposedly impossible levels.

Top Hero Tower Defense mod apk 1

Special offers for heroes

Heroes or warriors defending your base are warriors with a relatively diverse medieval appearance. There are many professions and powers such as archer, gladiator, gunner, mage… Each has its effect in every match. They will get stronger and stronger and create a unified whole if they can be combined. That depends on the tactic that you arrange. Their unique skills are also crucial in dealing with the damage and creating effects on enemies.

Top Hero Tower Defense free 1

Summon mythical creatures

Support for the warriors is also a squad of powerful and large mythical creatures. They are summoned only once in battle. You can freely choose any monster you like, from fire-breathing dragons that burn enemies to many strange creatures that carry special effects. Give strength and abilities to the army too. Get ready for the ultimate tactical combination of warriors and monsters to look forward to.

Top Hero Tower Defense apk 1

Rescue the kidnapped princess

For what purpose do we all do these things? Fight monsters, protect the stronghold and the lives of the people. The answer is to rescue the princess of the kingdom. The one who was kidnapped by the monster’s dark physical strength. They even threatened to invade and take over the kingdom. Shown through a lot of dangerous and rushing attacks. With the brave spirit of a knight. You will be the one standing up to handle all the monsters. Rescue the princess and bring peace to the kingdom.

Top Hero Tower Defense apk free

Build castles, towns

An abandoned town, ruined only by the harsh attack of evil monsters. Entering this world, your first task is to renovate all the lands. Build new cities and castles. Not only beautifying the kingdom, but these towns also provide rare resources. Give your warriors special weapons, knowledge, and skills. Mainly the upgrade work you will do here. Moreover, it is possible to improve the size of towns. Make buildings bigger and have more modern technology.

Top Hero Tower Defense mod free 1

Hit hard on attractive tactical details, and upgrade the warrior accordingly. Top Hero – Tower Defense has provided players with a world full of mythological, warrior, epic, and battlefield elements. It even helps players practice many new strategies. The creativity here is limitless and doesn’t cost anything. So try Top Hero – Tower Defense mod to fight with the most innovative tactics.

How to Download & Install Top Hero – Tower Defense MOD APK (Free Upgrade) for Android


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