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Updated on 18/10/2021 (2 years ago)
NameTimestamp Photo and Video APK
PublisherBian Di
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Do you often take pictures? Taking pictures is the way to capture every moment. Make the memories also will always be with you forever. Record the time you made those photos, and there’s Timestamp Photo and Video. One of the applications for users to customize photos. Delivers beautiful images and easy editing. Timestamp Photo and Video is one of the photo editing apps you should have. Record the images with the time, the place you want. Create the most memorable timestamps for every photo. Make each photo stand out like never before. Join Timestamp Photo and Video and start editing the photos you want.

Own thousands of different photos. Get a unique look with every beautiful photo. Use Timestamp Photo and Video, and you can tweak all your photos. With simple and quick operations, you can edit thousands of images. Not only adding time to photos but even videos are also supported by Timestamp Photo and Video. So that each of your memories will be stored in a complete way by the application. Timestamp Photo and Video has been chosen by many people. Let you customize your photos in unique ways. The application will allow the user to be transformed in the perfect ways. Create high-quality photo collections.

Timestamp Photo and Video mod

Download Timestamp Photo and Video mod – Mark times on photos

Write on the photos you have of different times and places. It is a way for users to annotate each image. Timestamp Photo and Video has been chosen by many users. To be able to bring steps to transform the photos. Helps you to remember the time period when those photos were created. Timestamp Photo and Video will be a perfect choice. Are you also looking for an application with such functionality? Come to Timestamp Photo and Video and make all the videos and photos you want. Easy for you to use and adjust with the tools that the application brings. Let viewers have their own impressions and emotions when looking through each photo that you bring.

Timestamp Photo and Video mod free

Use with beautiful typefaces

You can completely use different typefaces on the images. Customize the text color and write on the positions of the image. At the same time, Timestamp Photo and Video will also let you edit if necessary. You change with many creative typefaces of your own. From there, it will also make the image stand out more. The fonts are diverse and for the user to choose according to their liking. Timestamp Photo and Video has provided thousands of different font types. It’s not too difficult for you to choose the type of font you want. This is one of the outstanding features that Timestamp Photo and Video have. Write with font sizes and on any image position, depending on the user.

Timestamp Photo and Video mod apk

Mark the memories

The application is a means for users to store memories. With the places you go, the fun with friends. Capture images and show them back to you at any time. To return to that very moment. Timestamp Photo and Video is a choice not to be missed. Exclusively for those who want to be saved everything that happened around you. Surely, what has been and is happening also leaves you with feelings. Timestamp Photo and Video will work with you to create beautiful moments. Let all your memories come out beautifully through unique photo details. Looking back and will let users be back with those memorable moments.

Timestamp Photo and Video mod android

Image quality with high resolution

The edited images still retain the original quality. Photos are clear with beautiful colors, the resolution of each picture is perfect. Give viewers a fresh look. Some applications after editing the image will reduce the quality is not the same. But with Timestamp Photo and Video, it will be completely different. All images edited and used with the fonts will remain intact. Anyone after seeing the photos will also be surprised. Timestamp Photo and Video will work with you and create photo collections. Download Timestamp Photo and Video mod to record time for photos, save each best memory.

Download Timestamp Photo and Video APK for Android

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