PhotoTune MOD APK (Premium unlocked) 4.6.2

Updated 22/02/2024 (1 week ago)
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Introduce MOD APK PhotoTune

Broken and blurry photos are always a complicated and frustrating problem when taking photos. If you don’t want to have to take a second photo, then PhotoTune will help you. Can this app be trusted? The answer is, of course, yes. Special filters turn an old blurry photo album into photos like they were taken with a Full HD camera. PhotoTune will give you the experience of a photographer. It does not help you improve your photography skills. But at least it knows how to make your photo editing much more professional.

In our whole life, when we take pictures, sometimes we will come across a few photos that are not very good because they have been blurred or blurred for many unimportant reasons. But the problem is that you don’t get a chance to take these pictures a second time. So PhotoTune is an option that seems to work. You can think of it as something to retouch photos. Although not in their original state, they will be completed and much more beautiful. Witness the photos PhotoTune makes, and you won’t believe it’s just the product of a free app.

PhotoTune mod

Download PhotoTune mod – Turn old photos into new ones in a moment

PhotoTune focuses on enhancing the resolution of photos. Broken or blurred photos will be low resolution and pretty bad. Elevating them will make the image look a lot clearer. But that is not enough to complete. Because the broken or blurred part when increasing the resolution will not be what it looks like in real life. To improve, PhotoTune combines with AI technology to help correct that imaginary part. Indeed, the accuracy cannot be absolute. The primary purpose is to give the photo a level of perfection close to perfect. That is also the core of what PhotoTune brings to users. So the problem is how to use them? You will be the guide.

PhotoTune mod apk

Suitable for portraits

You will most likely use PhotoTune to improve your portrait photos. Portrait photos are also the aspect where PhotoTune improves the best. So what will it do? The essential first step is to increase the resolution. There are levels for you to choose from, such as x2, x4 or x8, depending on the brokenness and blur of that photWe’ll use the portrait-specific beautification feature once we’ve got a good resolution. This function completes broken and damaged parts because they are very rough and impractical. After this step, your portrait is almost lifelike.

PhotoTune mod apk free

Removed effects caused by bugs

Some broken and blurred external photos will give rise to other errors. For example, an image damaged through processing will have an additional fog effect or noise. PhotoTune has its tools to remove these errors. The HDR function is only available on many dedicated cameras. Technology has developed, so it has been gradually added to smartphones. This function is perfect for fogging or image noise. After removing, we should still increase the resolution and beautify to improve. So all the problems with slightly damaged photos have been solved.

PhotoTune mod free

Restore or add color

The black and white photographs are a fond remembrance of a bygone era. Moreover, there are many unique styles of black and white photography. But what if we were to restore their color? It sounds far-fetched, but PhotoTune can do it. Use the spectrum to scan through the image. It can identify the color wavelength of each pixel in that image. Finally, restore 100% color to the whole image. One thing is for sure, and the colours can’t be exactly as accurate. But PhotoTune is confident it can recover 70-80%.

PhotoTune free

Restore photos from old to new in just a few simple steps. Discover more about restoring color to life. PhotoTune mod turns every old photo into a new product according to your mind.

How to Download & Install PhotoTune MOD APK (Premium unlocked) for Android


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