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Updated 16/08/2021 (3 years ago)
NameTime Only Knows APK
PublisherGenius Studio Japan Inc.
MOD FeaturesFree Premium Choices
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Time Only Knows

Interactive and dating games will always keep their appeal and addiction by changing various stories and character systems. Like the way, Genius Studio did with its games. We will learn today is Time Only Knows, a vague and equally fascinating story compared to many other titles of this cult Studio. The journey to find the memory of the main character. Meet the girls of the past and reveal many shocking truths. Surely you will not be able to leave the screen when playing this game.

Time Only Knows an interactive and story exploration game. By closely linked details from start to finish. Combined with the non-linearity of the stories, it opens up a lot of possibilities. Because of such customization, each person will have a completely different experience. Let’s transform into the character to express your feelings to the girls. Bring everything to light to clearly feel the context and story the game is talking about.

Time Only Knows mod

Download Time Only Knows mod – Find lost memories about girls

The story begins when the main character wakes up in a hospital. He attempted suicide and died a painful death. However, he was saved in time by a brilliant doctor named Keiko. Waking up in a state of amnesia, not knowing who I am and why I want to take my own life. Even more surprising is that due to the special treatment of the doctor, his memories will be restored over time. Namely 50% after 1 hour, 95% after 2 hours. After 3 hours, he will fully recover his memories. However, something really wasn’t right about those memories.

The doctor revealed to him that 3 girls visited him during his coma. All three girls called themselves Chirol Saotome. They come at different times and say things that make the protagonist feel vague. Why are there 3 girls with the same name? What is their real purpose? There must be 2 of those girls lying. Your journey with the main character will be to find out who your real Chirol Saotome is.

It brings an interesting detective element

More than just a simple interactive and dating game, Time Only Knows has more details and attractive elements than you think. The journey of the main character when retrieving memories is inherently difficult. Now 3 girls claim to be familiar with themselves. You must find the key clues to determine who Chirol Saotome really is with all the newly recovered memories. Throughout the game are many dramatic sensational situations, from interacting with the girls to the horrifying event. Everything was thought to be arranged but ended up serving a completely different purpose.

Time Only Knows mod apk

Strange and suspicious girls

This story brings 3 characters who call themselves Chirol Saotome to get acquainted with the main character. The first girl looks like a cheerleader. Be a member of the school cheerleading squad and claim you dated her for three months while acting as her tutor. The second girl looks very smart and likes to have a lot of physical contacts. She also claims you tutored and dated her during that time. The last one is quite shy and comes from a wealthy family. After being bullied, she transferred schools and dated you when you tutored her. It can be seen that the girls have many suspicious things in common, so be wary.

Follow the story changes

Events in Time Only Knows will not take place indiscriminately. They all stem from your actions and decisions in the game. With that said, the game’s non-linearity will lead you to any possible outcome. That’s why the main character has to capture everything fully. Based on the situation and experience to make the right decision. The dialogue screens show no signs of repetition. The story will be developed through several stages in different chapters. Once you have made a choice, you must accept it at your own risk. Not sure how girls will win your trust.

Time Only Knows mod apk free

Every conversation with a Chirol Saotome character is a unique moment and story. The opportunity for you to capture the feeling and personality of the character is also very high. That is also the main purpose of this game. Solve problems to find out who the real Chirol Saotome is. All the skills of scouting and chaining multiple clues are here. Let’s challenge with Time Only Knows mod to find out the hidden truth behind it.

How to Download & Install Time Only Knows MOD APK (Free Premium Choices) for Android


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