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If you are a fan of reading the manhua series, manhwa has beautiful drawings and detailed investment in content and characters. But at the same time, as a hard fan of simulation games, Time Of The Dead is the best choice. Because the above two things are included in the game, satisfying all your wishes. Receiving a lot of love from fans as soon as it was released, this game has always been the first choice when it comes to a game with a compelling storyline, where players can freely play the role of detective to investigate the mystery. Find out the answers to the mysteries happening in this once peaceful country. Finally, you will be drawn into the game with a cast of highly eye-catching characters.

Set in history in the Joseon Dynasty, in the last years of the 18th century, the outbreak of a strange disease without drugs in Korea. Stealing the lives of innocent people. The corpses are strangely mutated during the raging death, where the sea of ​​people is bloody. The blossoming of a beautiful love seemed to bring a glimmer of hope to this empire. Still keeping the traditional gameplay from its predecessors. But also brings new breezes in the way of finding clues. Time Of The Dead has successfully stimulated the curiosity of the story game village veteran gamers. Many new images and elements of choice of solutions for players.

Time of the dead apk

Download Time Of The Dead mod – Uncover the mystery of the zombie pandemic

The Joseon Kingdom is suddenly faced with a strange incident that has never been seen before. The corpses, one by one, crawled up and rampaged to slaughter the people. Zombies engulfed the whole kingdom in chaos, and everyone heard screams. The Joseon dynasty stood in awe, and some tried not to believe their eyes. Their people turn into zombies one by one and attack others. Before the scene of flickering blood and fire, the zombies scattered everywhere erupted in love. A budding love affair. Is this a miracle or a disaster for this kingdom? What players need to do is find out the cause and cure for this deadly disease.

Time of the dead mod apk

Captivating plot

Derived from an unknown virus that causes zombies to be scattered all over the kingdom, the people who should have died returned to life and frantically attacked the living. They emerge from the graves with a messy, cluttered, and somewhat ferocious, bloodthirsty appearance. The undead follows the sound for tracks and attacks the innocent. Also, spread the virus by the bite to turn them into zombies. Some organizations fought against monsters, so the numbers were increasing daily. They want to destroy this kingdom and turn it into a lifeless nation. Those still alive must try to find a cure for this disease. Against that background, there was a budding love.

Time of the dead mod

Create beautiful characters

Players will play the main character, a young girl running away from the pursuit of zombies. Meet four main male characters with a very handsome appearance. However, they have their personality and mission for each impression. You will accompany these four guys to solve the mystery. The source of this deadly disease and how to cure it. Players will work with them and create romantic drinks. Their fate and purpose brought them together to find the male protagonist of his life. Time Of The Dead has an emphasis on creating an attractive character. So there is nothing to argue when all four male characters have excellent looks.

Time of the dead apk free

Lots of difficult situations

It is said that suffering is true. Indeed, Time Of The Dead with the design of countless love affairs. Force the player to choose to pass the screen and get closer to the male lead. Appearing in a chaotic context has also brought a lot of trouble. The thorny road and the not-so-good part of the characters allow you to unravel them. The plot is well invested, so there are a lot of twists and turns that force you to choose wisely. In addition, there are formidable challenges for the characters. Many love affairs give you a headache when choosing between love or life. Between glue paint friendship or passionate love.

Time of the dead android

The plot will develop in the direction the player chooses. Choose wisely when faced with drinking situations. Because with each choice, players will receive great rewards or suggestions to move to the next page. Although only stopping at 2D paintings, the characters give players a great experience. In the end, love will conquer all hardships. So this is considered a horror novel game that fully converges the elements. Download Time Of The Dead mod to fight against the undead and find true love.

Download Time Of The Dead MOD APK (Free Premium choices) for Android

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