Merge Battle: 3D Dinosaur Game MOD APK (Menu/God mode) 1.0.6

Updated 18/09/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameMerge Battle: 3D Dinosaur Game APK
PublisherSims Puzzle Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce Merge Battle: 3D Dinosaur Game MOD APK

Merge Battle: 3D Dinosaur Game MOD APK challenges your fighting ability in the dinosaur world. You will enter the world of the most giant creatures that have ever lived in the human world. They are a collection of mighty dinosaurs that became extinct due to the meteor disaster. However, you have the opportunity to witness their strength in exciting battles. That’s when you join the virtual world of the Jurassic period to lead the legendary dinosaurs. And you will have to merge dinosaurs of the same species to be able to fight against enemies. Embark on exciting and challenging combat missions as you return to the dinosaurs’ Jurassic Age.

Your mission when joining the dinosaur world is to lead them in battles. And the dinosaur wars happened in the Jurassic period, where there were many mighty dinosaurs. There are irreconcilable conflicts between them, and they have divided into two factions. Evil dinosaurs have banded together and plotted to invade the world. But there is also a force of peace-loving dinosaurs working together to fight. And you will be the leader of this force to protect the ancient world safely. Get ready for missions that combine dinosaurs to become vital enough to resist.

Merge Battle 3D Dinosaur Game mod

Download Merge Battle: 3D Dinosaur Game MOD APK – Combine mighty dinosaurs to fight

You will have to confront evil dinosaurs from different periods of the world. They have gathered a force of powerful dinosaur monsters and are sweeping everywhere. So, you cannot let this situation continue and must lead the dinosaurs to fight. Then, you will be able to witness firsthand the power of dinosaurs when confronting each other. And your task is to combine dinosaurs and create a perfect fighting machine. That will be the basis for you to fight in challenges and show your strength. Lead a team of mighty relics and combine them against evil dinosaurs.

Merge Battle 3D Dinosaur Game apk

Complete the dinosaur squad

Dinosaurs will be your companions in battles in the ancient world. They are a powerful force that wants to protect the world from evil dinosaur forces. So, to fight evil, you must complete a squad of solid and brave dinosaurs. The dinosaur world has many suitable species, so you can choose them to fight. You will test their abilities and strength in each battle when confronting enemies. So look closely at the dinosaur wars and form a powerful squad. Collect dinosaurs and fight with them in Merge Battle: 3D Dinosaur Game MOD APK.

Merge Battle 3D Dinosaur Game mod apk

Create powerful dinosaur warriors

You have participated in dinosaur wars confronting the world’s most brutal dinosaur forces. And with the dinosaur squad you formed, you will fight resiliently in the face of challenges. However, the fighting power of evil dinosaurs in later levels will be even more brutal. So it would be best to combine your dinosaur squad to become as strong as possible. By choosing similar dinosaurs, you can combine them into a fighting machine. This will be the strongest warrior in the battles for you to defeat the dinosaur enemies. Unite your squad of dinosaurs and create dinosaur warriors against your enemies.

Merge Battle 3D Dinosaur Game free 1

Challenging combat levels

With your dinosaur squad, you will be ready to fight despite all the dangerous challenges. And you will be more confident in fighting with the dinosaur warriors you create when fighting. Similar dinosaurs can combine and combine their power to destroy opponents. So, you will fight through challenges and show off your combined talents. However, it would be best to have an effective fighting strategy to win the dinosaur war. And when you conquer the levels, you will access the secrets of the ancient dinosaur world. Fight through all dangerous challenges while accompanying a powerful team of dinosaurs.

Merge Battle 3D Dinosaur Game android

You will experience battles between the most giant creatures in the world. And those battles will bring you joy in your fighting journeys. However, it would be best to show strength when leading a powerful dinosaur team. They can combine, and you will be the one to choose the dinosaur squad. The dinosaur warriors combined in the group will help you fight in challenges. So prepare to stir up dinosaur wars as you return to the Jurassic period. Download Merge Battle: 3D Dinosaur Game MOD APK to show off your talent for combining dinosaurs to fight.

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