Stick War 3 MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Unlocked) 2024.3.1384

Updated 13/04/2024 (2 days ago)
NameStick War 3 APK
PublisherMax Games Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold/Unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Stick War 3 MOD APK detail?

V1: Unlimited Gold/Unlocked


  1. Unlimited Gold
  2. Unlimited Mana Stones
  3. Summoning cost is zero

Introduce MOD APK Stick War 3

Lost in the battle of Stick War 3, you will experience the feeling of a profound but still humorous and fun action. Following the success of the Stick War series. The manufacturer has released Stick War 3 with a full-featured upgraded version and extended campaigns. There are many games like this, but this is the one that attracts the most players. Bringing many exciting new features. Includes 2v2 team combat and invites friends to join the battle. The battle also takes place with random opponents creating a sense of suspense and stimulation for fans of the series. With a simple character design, but overall, it exudes a strange charm.

The Kingdom of Order, ruled by King Zarek and his brother, eventually defeated the Kingdom of Chaos. Along with discovering the mystery of Medusa, a chaotic war was unleashed throughout the empire. War takes place in a world called Inamorta, where wealth and weapons are what affirm self-worth. The battle for power takes place anytime, anywhere in Stick War 3. Everyone has greed for money and wealth. Therefore, there are many countries involved in this battle. Each country has different styles of formations.

Stick War 3 mod apk

Download Stick War 3 mod – participate in the worldwide battle for the No. 1 position and dominate every other country

The background of Stick War 3 is elementary, with only black stickman shapes. The battle will take place in a large area with a backdrop of trees and hills. Instead of focusing on dramatic action sequences, Stick War 3 pays more attention to the staging context. Just click on the actions on the screen, and you can control the army as you want. You will choose your strategy. Implement and experience the results that your design brings. Depends on how many stickmen you have. You can build different methods, such as leaning towards defense or attack.

Stick War 3 mod

Build and defend the base

In addition to staging and fighting, Stick War 3 requires you to build a solid base. This place will be the place to gather troops, and money, withdraw troops when weak, … The more concrete grounds, the easier it will be to protect your army. This can also be the key to helping you turn the tide when you encounter difficulties. Just try to rush forward and build a solid pillar. The gem on the top of the tower will represent your army. Must protect this turret against enemy attack, avoid being taken by them. You can also take over other countries’ bases to expand your scale.

Stick War 3 apk free

Stickman with a variety of skills

As the leader of the stickman army, you will distribute your army according to a clever strategy. Stick War 3 gives you six different stickman classes. Includes miners, giants, wizards, archers, soldiers, and sworders. Each stickman class will have its characteristics just like its name. Depending on the purpose and fighting style, you can arrange them in different places. Usually, the melee players will go first. Then there are the ranged stickmen. The farthest and first will be the stickman with the best defense. Each time you win a battle, you can increase the number of stickmen participating.

Stick War 3 apk

Form a battle group

Stick War 3 has added the feature to invite friends to participate in 2v2 combat. In PvP combat level, you only fight alone with another player. These people will come from all over the world. To increase unity and fun for the campaign, the producer created a 2v2 battle. Here you can choose familiar teammates. People can complement and support each other’s missing skills. Or one person may follow the defensive strategy, and the other will follow the offensive process. Flexible manipulation combined with rhythmic music. The more friends you have, the more interesting the game will be. Compete with your friends to see who is more talented in staging the battle.

Stick War 3 android

After upgrading, the soldiers in Stick War 3 will also change their appearance to create their style for their army. In addition, with Stick War 3, many new skills have been added. You can build a giant barrier with bubbles to prevent incoming projectiles. Or manipulate Snow Squall to freeze the entire stickman team. Research potential moves and intelligent strategies. Each of your stickman distribution choices produces the following result. Download Stick War 3 to experience the feeling of arraying yourself and controlling a vast stickman army. Uncover the mysteries in the great adventure.

How to Download & Install Stick War 3 MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Unlocked) for Android


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