Age of Wushu Dynasty MOD APK 29.0.1 (Unlimited HP, No Cooldown)

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NameAge of Wushu Dynasty APK
PublisherSnail Games USA Inc
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited HP, No Cooldown
SupportAndroid 4.2+
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Mods do not work in Open World.

China is famous for many martial arts masters in legends. These masters are people with extremely high martial arts. Learn extremely magical techniques that can blow away the opponent with one palm. They alone could confront an entire army with a single sword. Their harpoon makes jumping high like gliding through the air. If you want to become a martial arts master then try the Age of Wushu Dynasty and start your way.

Based on popular series and movies about famous Chinese swordplay. Age of Wushu Dynasty has been built with popular role-playing gameplay. Is a game according to the legendary plowing style that was loved by our gamers for a while? This is definitely an option that you cannot ignore. Realistic 3D graphics to every word with extremely beautiful effects. You will have to walk in the wanderer on your own to start finding a solid foothold. Work hard to get to the peak of strength. Realize the dream of the master of martial arts with excellent learning level, relax with the poetic path of the Gypsy.

Age of Wushu Dynasty mod apk

Download Age of Wushu Dynasty mod – Join the vast Gypsy

To start playing you have to choose your clan like your profession. Once you have officially chosen, you will enter the Gypsy and begin to complete the assigned tasks. Meet friendly and cute surrounding characters that will teach you only. Catch the bandits that are raging everywhere plundering people. Earn the respect of those around you for your integrity. Become a chivalrous person with unlimited courage in the wanderlust. Encounter martial arts masters from the good guys to the bad guys. Draw a lot of good life experiences for yourself. Improve your own abilities more and more.

Age of Wushu Dynasty mod download

Great martial arts

The good guys in the Gypsies want to be beneficial, they must have martial arts in their hands. The special spells of their own sect and other martial artists. These martial arts will help you confront other powerful opponents. Self-defense in times of danger can be used. Those who have practiced martial arts for a long time will reach extremely high realms. A strong body can perform martial arts quickly. Make the enemies fear before the peerless powerful exercises. Each martial art will have a beautiful effect of its own, experience and feel the increased fighting power in every sword stroke, every move of the character.

Age of Wushu Dynasty mod free

Enhance potential

The character’s potential is something you can’t ignore in Age of Wushu Dynasty. The main potential point is the determining factor of your strength in the Gypsy. Please distribute skill points according to your own fighting style. Upgrade skills to the highest level to be able to maximize the force field of martial arts. Deals massive damage to enemies and applies adverse effects. Do not upgrade points arbitrarily because it will make your body become messy. The unclear body will make you not perfectly strong. Try to complete the assigned tasks to be able to level up, earn yourself more points.

Age of Wushu Dynasty mod android

Looking for powerful equipment

Powerful equipment is what protects you from enemies. High-durability battle robes are always the best way to resist enemy damage. Legendary swords, great weapons will help you deal a huge amount of damage to enemies. Items often drop from enemies or bosses behind them. Those with high martial arts who are considered bosses will drop items with high rarity. You can hunt bosses to earn more high attribute equipment for yourself. Note that you should only fight with players who are good enough for you, if you are stronger, you will be in big trouble. Master yourself, master the enemy.

Age of Wushu Dynasty mod apk free

Combination of techniques

The martial arts techniques in Age of Wushu Dynasty can be combined with each other. They can form combos that take the opponent by surprise. These combos are extremely beautiful and also deal a lot of damage to enemies. The combination such as using the airship combined with the slashing moves will create magical aerial swords. The opponent will be stunned and you can make the next attack against him. Feel free to create great skills to roam on the Gypsy. Download Age of Wushu Dynasty and unleash the amazing skills in movies. Start a new path of a master in the evil Gypsy.

Download Age of Wushu Dynasty MOD APK (Unlimited HP, No Cooldown) for Android

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Ryu O
Ryu O
1 year ago
Rating :

Hello, ty for the apk n the game data

HP mod dosn’t really work, it still goes down, either un mission maps, or in normal maps
Skills CD only work in mission maps, dosn’t work in the world normal maps

And as for today, the game is asking for version 25.0.0

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