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For lovers of fascinating puzzle games. Definitely not to be missed The House of Da Vinci. A masterpiece was born based on the peak painting period of mankind. Discover in the game, you will solve the most realistic and creative Renaissance-inspired puzzles. Not just for many puzzle game lovers. Artists from amateur to talented are admired. Before this great elaboration of The House of Da Vinci. When offering a nostalgic journey of one of the most famous eras in human history.

It’s a 3D puzzle game itself. The House of Da Vinci possesses beautiful graphics. With architecture and mechanical machinery, it feels like an emotional Renaissance. Based on the story of a talented practitioner’s journey. Go find your teacher Leonardo who disappeared somewhere in this mysterious Da Vinci house. You will work with the character to solve the most difficult puzzles. Intellectual challenges inspired by Renaissance stories. About the most talented painters of that time. It can be mentioned that the almighty genius Leonardo da Vinci.

The House of Da Vinci mod

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Move-in the space of the rooms of this Da Vinci house. You will come across many familiar objects. If you are already a fan of Renaissance painters. Objects and works of the past. And do not ignore them because they are not inanimate objects. They all deliver messages so you can find your mentor. But not in a direct way. It is by gestures, gestures and how they work. The first thing you need to do is solve the puzzles correctly from the corresponding objects to find the clues.

For PC devices, of course, you will use your mouse. On the phone, it will be as simple as moving your finger across the screen. The mechanics part will not be too cumbersome for you to focus on solving difficult puzzles. Because they are also not simple when set up by one’s respected teacher. However, every puzzle must have its solution. You will figure it out on your own or rely on small hints to solve them in the most intelligent way.

The House of Da Vinci mod apk

Take on a variety of creative challenges

Many of the puzzles in The House of Da Vinci are based on prototypes of interesting objects of the past. Like an astronomical table full of planetary and zodiacal symbols. Many wooden objects, mechanical machines are worth nostalgia. They are arranged in a certain position in the rooms. Your task is to move on to the parts of that object. Create a chain reaction or domino that leads to pre-set outcomes. Will look beautiful and creative. Then the mysterious clues will be revealed or not depends on the player’s own intelligence.

The House of Da Vinci mod apk free

Step into Da Vinci’s library

By solving a certain number of puzzles. Unlocking the Da Vinci library for you is only a matter of time. Hints are 3D images that point to the room that will unlock and enlighten you on the correct path. Stepping in is a whole world full of knowledge appearing in your eyes. All objects can now be checked for information and their history. The most accurate and realistic way compared to the real world. It can be said that getting lost here is like a paradise for anyone with a passion for painting and deep historical knowledge. Along with many challenging puzzles and the teacher, Leonardo is waiting for you at the end of the challenge.

The House of Da Vinci mod free

Enjoy authentic interaction

Very cool when the developer team of The House of Da Vinci. Just sketched the most ancient and nostalgic architecture. At the same time, it also allows players to really interact with objects in a realistic way. The big difference compared to many other puzzle games when the only 2D form is quite faint. The interactions and reactions during the puzzle are handled in a very smart and beautiful way. It is impossible not to mention the historical stories and anecdotes presented throughout the game. What makes the game so popular is that it digs deep into the problems. About knowledge, technology, astronomy… Along with other advanced subjects are very attractive and attractive.

The House of Da Vinci mod mod

To produce a game with quality from graphics, Gameplay to such a special story. The developer must have studied very carefully the history of the Renaissance. As well as creating challenging puzzles based on past stories. Such a clever and engaging way. It won’t be a waste of time if you want to challenge yourself with The House of Da Vinci mod. It will be the story of the most wonderful painting presented on the phone screen.

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House of da Vinci 3 is coming on play Store shortly released on apple app store

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