The Elemental Survival MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Damage multiplier)

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NameThe Elemental Survival APK
PublisherMinego Inc.
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode/Damage multiplier
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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The Elemental Survival is an adventure role-playing game storming the gaming community. Play as an expert in every field. Especially becoming a good gunman to escape the siege of the zombies surrounding you. In a space covered with a ghostly purple color. You and the humans left after the outbreak of a virus. They turn everyone on the planet into bloodthirsty zombies. Pick up your gun and join your teammates in this first-person shooter. In addition, you also have the task of rescuing the people in the city being held captive by these zombies.

After going through the first tutorial phase of the game. Players can choose the appropriate gun and put on a witch costume. The magic hat with the blue magic circle wrapped around the hero. This circle also radiates a bright red spider web-shaped energy source. These magic circles act as shields to protect the hero against the attacks of demons. On the right corner is a purple circular virtual key used to move the character. Want to attack the other zombies, just tap on the screen the location of these ghosts. There are bullets, arrows will fly towards them.

The Elemental Survival mod

Download The Elemental Survival mod – The battle to save the people from the cursed zombies

The zombies appear in many different forms. At the beginning of each level, they appear sporadically, attacking the player gently. Towards the end of the game, they appear more and more crowded. Follow the horizontal bar at the top of the screen to see the level and progress of the game. As you get closer to the end, the color bar will get darker. Massive appearance of zombies or bosses will be signaled after a text and sound warning. Every time the yellow warning sounds, the player must prepare for the precaution and make more careful calculation steps. You can completely get battered or killed by the boss.

The Elemental Survival mod apk

Skill system

The battle against many zombies requires you to have thorough preparation. Before entering the game, choose the strongest skills and most suitable for the match conditions. The Elemental Survival’s diverse skill system is spoiled for choice for you. The blue tornado skill creates a tornado and damages the center area. The Meteor card creates a flaming meteor that flies from aliens into the area you specify. The Fireball card simply creates a powerful fire attack when the player strikes. The auspicious card causes blue beams to fall from the sky on zombies.

The Elemental Survival android

Skill upgrade

Combat skills are the most important factor in The Elemental Survival. As the player passes more levels, the difficulty of the level also increases. Therefore, players need to upgrade the skills they own. Collect as many cards of the same skill type. With a certain amount, combine them to upgrade to the next one. When leveling up can help increase the attack stats for skills. That is the essential element for the fight against the zombies out there. There are skills that create barriers that protect the player from enemy attack for a long time.

The Elemental Survival apk free

Two skill factions

The special feature that The Elemental Survival brings is the skill system divided into two factions. One side belongs to the light side, the other side belongs to the dark side. Each skill system has its unique characteristics. From color, attack type, and attack method are all different. The light side is usually an attack-oriented skill, accompanied by a light source such as thunder, fire, earthquake… On the dark side, it is usually a skill on the magic side. Ice rain, tornadoes, magic fog… Choosing any skill into the game can also determine the victory of the game screen or not.

The Elemental Survival apk

The zombies have diverse shapes with many levels of weak and strong. There is a familiar white ghost figure. Black fire ants with orange-red fissures. There are flying demons that attack the player from above. When leveling up, the circle protecting the player can turn into a multicolored circle. Player protection time has also been increased. Extend the time for players to attack scary zombies. There are black holes in the ground that ghosts can come up from. Download The Elemental Survival mod to rescue people from scary zombies on the planet.

Download The Elemental Survival MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Damage multiplier) for Android

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