Ball Prison MOD APK (God mode) 0.6.0

Updated on 24/11/2022 (4 months ago)
NameBall Prison APK
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 5+
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Ball Prison is a game that most fans of the 2D platformer genre will love. In Ball Prison, you will control a ball through a mysterious tunnel. In addition, you can also search for secrets and collect stars and gold coins. Occasionally obstacles or close Ball Prison scenes will appear that you have to overcome. As long as you are safe at the end of the tunnel, you can break out of the prison and complete a passage. Each level is a collection of different prison escape missions. Download Ball Prison and break out of the dark prison together.

It is considered an easy game and does not need to spend too much gray matter to participate in the game. Combined with an easy-to-see interface, suitable for all ages. Ball Prison fully simulates prisons from continent to continent around the world. Each dungeon will have different tasks and requirements. At the same time, this is also a war of prisoner balls and elite policemen. When you pass or kill the policeman, you will receive a certain number of gold coins. The higher the level, the greater the difficulty of the challenge, and the higher the winding of the tunnel will be. You can watch ads to collect lives and plays if your turn runs out.

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Download Ball Prison mod – Quickly escape from prison

There are many adventure games that attract players, like the Mario series, but it gives you a completely different feeling. If you play many types of games like this, you will get a glimpse of your mission. In Ball Prison, you must control a ball to overcome difficult terrain. Just move forward, backward, jump up and attack anyone who gets in your way. Make the most of motion modes. Defeat the police, and you can pass the level. The difficulty of Ball Prison will increase gradually with each level. Don’t forget to do daily challenges to get extra rewards. Although not too exceptional, this game brings a sense of attraction to players.

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Thousands of levels

With countless different levels, have you been excited about Ball Prison yet? Travel through prison scenes from around the world. This will be a new experience you have never had through previous arcade games. The more levels you pass, the more difficult it is to escape. Requires players to combine all available skills and reasonable tactics. Each level of the prison will appear with new challenges and characters. Here players need to overcome skillfully. Work hard through the game screen to help you collect many coins. You can change clothes and accessories and buy items in the store.

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Smooth interface

Moving the ball is very easy but not boring. Players only need to use arrows such as left, right, and up to control the ball proficiently. Although the interface is not fancy, it is very eye-catching. Obstacles are also arranged logically. Players will not see the overlap through each level. The color of the police balls will also be changed. Combined with sharp graphics, Ball Prison has created a unique character line. If you don’t run or dodge in time, you can be killed by the police quickly. As you level up, the police balls can also attack you again.

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Exciting quest

The obstacles, as well as the police, are not the same in each tunnel. There are many obstacles in the game, such as saw blades, spiders, etc… The police also move flexibly, forcing players to find how to destroy them. Players also have to make smart moves to be able to collect all the required items. When enough razors are collected, the player can open a chest of gold coins. The option of 3 compartments will have different rewards such as gold coins, new character skins, hearts… Then Ball Prison not only requires you to pass but also to dodge to destroy obstacles. Unfortunately, if the police unfortunately, kill you, you will lose a life.

Ball Prison is a breath of fresh air that attracts players who love this game. If you have played classic games like Mario before, this game can give you a familiar feeling because of the details that the game brings. And if anyone has never tried the 2D platformer genre, don’t worry. Ball Prison won’t give you a hard time when you’re just starting. Guarantee that Ball Prison will be a game to help you relieve stress or play when you have free time. You can also participate in this game when going to work or when traveling on the bus. Download Ball Prison mod and escape from the prison right now.

Download Ball Prison MOD APK (God mode) for Android

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